Pet Tracking

Do you care about your pets enough? How much does your pet mean to you?

Do you wonder what is your pet upto while you are away from it, or are you looking for ways to keep a track on your pet? Well, being concerned about your pet is only natural, and we at Vamosys more than understand the importance you give to your pet’s safety and security. The solution to reduce such concern is simpler than you think. Pet trackers by Vamosys has the answers, they assure that you have a watchful eye on your pet and a peace of mind while you are away from them. Pet trackers are increasing in number on the western part of the globe and its influence has already begun on the eastern front as well. So, before investing in one such solution, how about we understand it bit better?

A pet tracker?

Does one really need to invest in pet tracker? Few people believe that their pet is always under their supervision or on a leash. And few other people ensure the safety of their pet by using microchip if the pet wanders away from their home. Yes, a microchip is a good investment, because when your pet wanders away and then found by someone it could be returned to you.

Why Invest in a Pet Tracker?

Simply put, a pet tracker is a gadget which is mostly attached to the pet’s collar with the aim of tracking the location and the movement of the respective pet. It isn’t definitely anything like a microchip which are implanted under a pet’s skin. We at Vamosys offer a easy to handle pet tracker which is completely based on GPS technology. Thus, track your pet from anywhere at anytime. There are several gadgets in the market that use the word “tracker”, and each has its own quality and functionality. So, do not jump into conclusions that a device with “tracker” label could be applicable to your pet and can be used as a pet tracker.

The drawback in that scenario is that you have to wait until it’s found by someone, which could take days, months or years. After its found, it has to be taken to a vet and he has to scan for a microchip and hope the contact details are not outdated. Pet trackers by Vamosys is the answer to this problem, as you can track your pet’s every movement. When the pet wanders away or whenever you aren’t around it, you can precisely locate them on the vamosys mobile app, thus making your life easy.

Vamosys pet tracker comes with built-in GPS device, which makes the precise tracking possible. This tracker can be linked to your phone, which needs you to be a monthly or annual subscriber to maintain the quality of the tracking service. Once registered, you will be instructed on how to keep a minute by minute track on your pet, which will be through the Vamosys App.

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