Keep Your Family safe with Personal Tracker


The article highlights the benefits of using a Personal GPS Tracker to keep family members safe. It discusses various scenarios where the tracker can be helpful, such as tracking kids playing outside, monitoring a solo traveler, ensuring the safety of an elderly family member, and more.

The tracker sends real-time location data to a mobile or web-based application, and features like geo-fencing and SOS alerts can provide additional safety measures.

To anyone across the world, the safety of their family members is the primary concern. But he/she cannot keep accompanying each other family members everywhere, and all the time. But a Personal GPS Tracker can take up that task and make life easy by collecting the data of the precise location of each person and send it to the mobile or web-based application which helps to keep track of one another. A Personal GPS tracker can send the location on-demand to the configured numbers.

For Kids/Teenager

  • Instance, the kids are playing in and around the residential area, the Geo-Fencing feature can be enabled with which the parents can mark the zone within which they can wander about. So when they move out of that specific range, instantly, the alert will be sent to the authorized number with which the parents can keep track of their kids
  • While sending the kids to school, parents can watch the route their ward takes when they go by their cycle or the school transport driver follows when the Personal Tracker is attached to their backpack.
  • When the teenager goes out to have a fun time with their friends or for some outdoor sport, parents need not worry and keep calling to checking on them which will annoy them or make them feel bad in front of their friends. Instead, they can be tracked using a Personal GPS Tracker.

Usage for a Solo Traveler / Late night Worker

  • When a person in the family goes on some solo trip, whether it be a road trip or some adventurous trip to mountains the family members can keep track and they can be less worried. Even when the mobile battery has drained, the personal GPS Tracker can track where your loved one is and helps you track in real-time.
  • Suppose a member of the family has a night shift he or she can feel secure that they the personal tracker in case if something goes wrong, can intimate the family member with the SOS Alert.

For Elderly People

When the aged family member is going out for a walk to the nearby park, alone or with their grandchild or to a temple to spend their early mornings or the evenings and say, they suddenly feel something strange with themselves, rather than attempting to make a call to the family member which has the probability of going unattended, they can send an SOS push-alert, to communicate and seek for help.

Let’s keep track of our beloved family members using personal tracking solution. To get to know about the device contact us today.

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