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Personal Tracking solution

VAMOSYS powered Personal Tracker is a new-age tracking device that is feature-rich and ensures absolute safety by all means to your loved ones. Read more to understand how a personal tracker can make your life easy.     
vehicle tracking system

The dynamics of business is constantly evolving and they are facing groundbreaking global competition that forces them to work round the clock to serve their clients across the globe. This demands productive employees, both men and women, to work in rotational shifts to meet their professional obligations. But this puts women employes at risk as they had to traverse back home at midnight or early morning. In most cases they had to walk or drive alone, leaving them vulnerable to attacks, teasing, molestations and other violent acts.


Vamosys personal tracking solution is specifically designed to help women reach out to those who can help instantly. The receiver has superior sensitivity and can connect SOS calls instantly. The tracking equipment assures instant tracking allowing the victim’s location identified instantly so that necessary assistance can be provided.


The Vamosys powered a personal tracking device is an elegant gadget that comes with a phone, GPS and RFID function. It comes with a provision to add a SIM and the device can be used to make SOS calls to two fixed numbers (parents and other close family members) with single touch button and receive calls from pre-approved numbers.


Vamosys also offers personal tracking devices attached within a necklace, watch, sole or a bracelet, thus helping you in keeping your wardrobe and fashion choices active in your daily routine. Other features by Vamosys personal tracking devices are 24 Hours Location History, SOS alarm, Zone alerts, Fall detection and Real-Time Tracking. The availability of the features varies based on the type of device.


Vamosys personal tracking devices are not only handy but can be feebly kept inside you purse or bag, without getting the attention of unwanted intruders. The tracker device is ideal for young working women as it can help them connect with their kith and kin during an emergency or any untoward incident. The whereabouts of the victim can be accurately and instantly tracked during an unpleasant situation.


There are several ways to sync Vamosys personal tracking devices to an electronic or non-electronic object that the concerned person carries. There are personal tracking devices that can function with the help of a simple download of an application to your phone. This application lets the user to track the concerned person in real-time with their exact location displayed on your mobile screen. Additional features in this application lets you track several personnel on the same screen. The personal tracking technology is recommended for the end user and also they can come in handy for large corporations, those who care for the well being of their employees.

Our Other Solutions

VAMOSYS – Some of the best dashboard reports.

Our Services

Live Time Tracking

The accurate location of your vehicles can be tracked with the VAMOSYS GPS Tracking Device.

Alert Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email Can be received from the VAMOSYS Sotware in activities.

Control Vehicle Engine

An SMS more enough to Stop the vehicle in case of any theft.

Graphical Reports

Reports in the Graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.

Activity Report

All Activity Reports can be stored into the device through the data received through the VAMOSYS Tracker.

History Log

The Data for the activity for last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

Speed Monitoring on Graph

The Speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle safety and maintenance.

Mobile App for you

A User Friendly Application which works on Android and IOS Platform to track your vehicles on the go.

Geofence and Landmarks

A Virtual boundary in terms of fencing can be created to and alerts can be sent when your vehicles enters or leaves a particular Area / Locality.