If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ll want to be ahead of the game when it comes to motorcycle safety. We present you with a few reasons why you need a GPS tracker for bikes.

GPS tracker for bikes is now among the most sophisticated GPS devices that you can purchase. You may not know how much a GPS bike tracking device can assist you in your daily lives with a wide range of characteristics. Here is a list of the top reasons why you should consider GPS tracking of your bike(s).


Anti-theft is the primary feature of a GPS bike monitoring system. More than 45,000 motorcycles were recorded to have been stolen in 2017. This is equivalent to more than USD 3 million per month of stolen vehicles. While you might think your bike is safe enough, it’s a shocking reality that 80 percent of the stolen bikes were taken directly from the homes of people. You may not be fast enough to respond if your vehicle is targeted. The only choice you need to ensure the safety of your motorcycle is by installing a GPS tracker for bike.

Movement and shock alerts are the main characteristics of an anti-theft GPS bike tracker. An alert will be sent directly to your mobile when unauthorized movement is identified. With the motion message and you’ll be directed to a link to Google Maps. Just click the link and see the exact location of the GPS bike tracking device.

The same applies to the notification for the shock feature. You will receive an immediate notification once the alert is triggered. The use of geofencing is another helpful anti-theft function. You can generate a virtual border from where you want the vehicle to stay. This is ideal if you rent out bikes or if multiple individuals to use them. In the opposite direction, it can be used, if there is a particular area that you want the bicycle to remain out of you, you can generate a safe zone around the region. You will begin to receive text messages if the bike leaves or enters the specified area.

Insurance Discounts

If you have recently changed or registered with insurance companies, you will be aware that clients who own a GPS bike tracker will receive a discount. If this is the case then making sure you buy the correct device is essential. Some businesses may require the installation of an insurance-approved tracker.

In the control center, these trackers are monitored 24/7, if suspicious behavior is detected, the call center will alert you and confirm if the information is accurate. Insured bike trackers feature annual renewals that may or may not be less than your discount. Alternatively, with a self-monitored GPS tracker for bike.

Real-Time Tracking

While periodic anti-theft trackers mainly operate with pay as you go sims, live real-time trackers operate as an internet tool. This implies that all data is maintained on the powerful VAMOSYS web platform. Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to log in. Live GPS bike trackers enable you to see the bike in real-time. You can monitor current trips and even look back on past routes and history.

You can view transit times, speed and mileage with 3 years of historical information stored. You can either use playback to view the information live as it is or download the information as a report. You can obtain push notifications to any specified command with all the platform details. You can see multiple bikes on one screen if you own more than one tracker, ideal if you are renting them out.

Advantages of Bike Tracking System For Monitoring Delivery Boys & Field Staff.

People nowadays prefer goods to be delivered to their homes, whether they are electronic products, clothing or merely food items. Such businesses providing delivery services have therefore become considerably crucial in the image. They need to guarantee maximum effectiveness in the delivery of products on time.

Because delivery vehicles carry significant products, packages, property, and records, it becomes a requirement to monitor delivery boys. For these distribution businesses, GPS technology has been a huge revolution. Here’s how the company route has been revolutionized by the GPS tracking system.

Increased Overall Performance

The riders tend to ride safer with much more responsibility when they are aware of the fact that they are being tracked. Managers can know exactly where they are and what they do whenever they want. This keeps them on their toes and encourages them to do their tasks as efficiently as possible. Therefore, monitoring delivery of boys through GPS bike tracking system leads to increased efficiency.

Reduced Fuel Cost

Managers can recognize when the bikes are being used for unauthorized/personal purposes through the GPS bike tracking system. The surveillance of delivery boys, therefore, has a noticeable immediate impact on their driving and performance. They can not lie about the current location and route, as their managers will be monitoring their precise location through VAMOSYS powerful web platforms and application, thus reducing fuel expenses.

Peace of Mind

We at VAMOSYS understand the significance of your bike(s) for you. The best way to maintain your motorcycle with you is to have a GPS tracker for bike in place. You’re prepared to go once a tracker has been equipped. A tiny investment in a GPS bike tracker can multiply your savings and improve efficiency. Nothing can give more peace of mind than a tracking system for VAMOSYS.

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