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This blog provides information about obtaining a driving license in India, including the process of obtaining a learner’s license and a permanent driving license, eligibility criteria, and necessary documents. 

It also highlights the importance of having a driving license as an ID proof and mandatory for driving. The blog provides a summary of the different vehicle categories and their corresponding eligibility criteria for obtaining a driving license in India.

In India, the government of India has mandated to obtain the driving license to drive vehicles, be it two-wheeler, four-wheeler, or any LCV and HCV vehicles.

To obtain a driving license, the citizen has to follow the certain process prescribed by law. The Driving license is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). To get a permanent driving license, the applicant must get a learner license first and after one month, the applicant can apply for a permanent driving license.

We will provide more information related to the driving license issued by the RTO office in India in this article.

Driving License in India

It is mandatory to have a permanent driving license in India to drive any motor vehicle under the Motor vehicle Act 1988.

The process to get the driving license is simple but it is time-consuming because the applicants will not be issued a permanent driving license first, it will be issued only after the learner license and driving test.

Why do individuals need to have a Driving License in India?

Driving license is an important official document in India not only to drive vehicles but also it serves multipurpose document.

Driving License as ID proof

The driving license issued by the RTO office can be used as a ID proof, it act as personal identification and in certain cases it will be used as address proof. The driving license is a national identification and it can be used all over India as a proof of identity.

Mandatory for Driving

It is not just a document to store in a cupboard, the user has to carry the driving license (a photocopy will be accepted) to be provided to the traffic officials on road, the driver has to provide the document on demand, failed to which there will be a penalty.

Details Provided in the Driving License

The below-mentioned details will be provided in the driving license issued by the Regional Transport Offices India.

  • Driving License (DL) holder photograph because of this aspect the DL is used as photo ID in India.
  • Unique DL number will be provided to the DL holder and which ensures the unique ID document of RTO authority.
  • The authority which issues the DL – Region, State, and other details will be provided in the DL card.
  • RTO authority issuing the DL with signature, stamp and hologram fixed on the card.

Details Provided in the Driving License

In India, two types of license are issued by the RTO offices, one is Learner License and the other is Permenant Driving License.

Learner Licence (LLR)

First, the user needs to apply for the Learner License (LLR) before applying for a permanent driving license. To get the LLR the user have to appear for a small written test related to road rules, later the user needs to provide relevant documents to get the LLR. 

The learner license (LLR) is valid for six months, within this period the user can apply for a permanent license after one month of getting the LLR.

Permanent Licence

The user can apply for the permanent driving license after one month period of receiving the LLR. To get the permanent driving license the user will have to appear for the driving test at the respective RTO offices. Based on driving test performance the RTO authority will qualify pass or fail. 

The driving test qualified will undergo the next stage of the driving license issuing process of document verification, fee payment and photograph, etc. The permanent driving license will be issued within a day of passing the driving test.

The person who failed the driving test can reappear again after a certain period of time to complete the process of permanent driving license issuing procedure.

Eligibility criteria to apply for a Driving License in India

The driving license and LLR is given dependent on the class of engine vehicle. In light of this, the qualification models shift. The accompanying table gives an outline of the most well-known class of vehicles in India.

Category Vehicle Class
Personal Use
Two wheeler (Motorcycle) with engine capacity 50 CC or less than 50CC
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) for non-transport usage (LMV-NT)
Non gear motorcycle such as scooty type (FVG)
Motorcycle (Two wheeler) with engine capacity more than 50 CC, motorcycle with gear, LMVs including cars
All types of motorcycles including gear (MCWG)
Commercial Use
Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle (HGMV)
Light Motor Vehicle used for commercial purposes (LMV-TR)
All India driving permit for trucks and cars or open license / Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle (HPMV)
Light Motor Vehicle for non-transport purposes (LMV-NT)
Medium Goods Vehicle (MGV)

Since you’ve a brief on the class of engine vehicle that you ought to apply for, let us check out the qualification models for getting a driving permit in India.

Driving License Type Driving License Eligibility Criteria
Motorcycles with Gear
The applicant should be at least 18 years old.
Motorcycles Without Gear with Up To 50 Cc Capacity
The applicant should be at least 16 years old and needs consent from guardian/parents.
General Requirement for Obtaining A Driving License
The applicant must be well-versed with the traffic rules. Also, they require a valid address proof and age proof documents.
Commercial Heavy Vehicles and Transport Vehicles
The applicant must have finished their 8th standard of schooling. They should be at least 18 years old. However, the age restriction is 20 years old in some states for heavy vehicle licence.

Documents Required for Driving License

The user needs to provide a set of documents alongside the driving license application. The table underneath gives an outline of the list of documents required while applying for a learner license (LLR) and permenant driving license in India.

License Type Documents Required
Driving License
Proof of age (Any one of these needs to be submitted by the applicant) Birth Certificate Voter card School leaving certificate PAN card Passport Proof of Address (Any one of these needs to be submitted by the applicant) Passport Life insurance policy Ration card Electricity or telephone bill Other documents needed: Original learner’s licence Driving licence application form Medical certificate/forms 3 passport size photographs
Learner’s driving licence (LLR) documents are similar to the DL. You need a form declaring your physical fitness, application form for learner’s licence along with a document each as age and address proof from the ones mentioned above. Together with all these, 3 copies of passport sized photographs of the applicant are also required.

How to Apply for Driving License?

The person willing to get the permanent driving license has to get learner license first with supporting documents. Then the applicant can apply for permanent driving license to the respective RTO office in his/her locality where LLR was applied.

Driving Licenses Fees

Learner License Fees
Form 3
Rs 30
Form 6
Rs 40
Road Safety CESS
Rs 50
Permenant License
Driving Licence Test
Rs 100
Form 7
Rs 200
Driving Licence Grant
Rs 40
Road Safety Cess For a Licence for 2-Wheeler, With/Without Gear
Rs 100
Road Safety Cess For a Licence for Light Motor Vehicles (Non-Transport)
Rs 150
Road Safety Cess For a Licence for Light Motor Vehicles (Transport)
Rs 200
Road Safety Cess For a Licence for Medium and Heavy Motor Vehicles
Rs 500

How to take Driving Test on RTO?

The applicant has to undergo driving test to get the permanent driving license for any vehicle type. The test procedure has been mentioned below:

Test Procedure for two-wheelers

For two wheeler driving test, the user has to drive motorcycle in 8 shape without touching his/her feet on ground, along with this the driver has to show the indicator signals that needs to be done on road driving during the driving test.

Test Procedure for four-wheelers

For four wheeler the applicant needs to drive the car in the forward direction, reverse gear mode, gear change modes and parking way on roads.

What is International Driving License?

An international driving license is a legal document provided by the RTO office in India to drive on international roads during citizen travel to abroad countries. (For more details read the International Driving License article)

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