How Telematics Assists In Public Fleets? 9 Things You Must Know!

Though private fleet companies invest in telematics software, it is often wondered how telematics assists in public fleets. 

It is taxpayers’ money that makes it possible for public fleets to run, so they keep an eye on its performance and whether their money is well-spent. Public fleets, too, have an image to maintain. 

This image is often stained by late-arriving, idling, rash drivers, improper maintenance of the fleets, etc.

Telematics and its constituents, such as Driver Monitoring, Video Dashcam, DRS app, etc., help keep these things in check. 

Here are the ways how telematics assists in public fleets.

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1. Organized Data

Data is most important to make better decisions and changes, catch the problems, and fix them. 

With telematics, a public fleet’s entire data is available in seconds, making it easier to see the resource wastage, driving skills of the drivers, the maintenance of the vehicles, mileage, etc. 

Government has a thin budget and is required to make the most out of the resources. Telematics help in making better decisions to manage the fleet economically and efficiently.

2. Optimum Resource Utilization

For governments, managing public transport is necessary without gaining anything from it. The scant fare doesn’t make enough profits to keep them going. It’s the funding that helps them. 


Making the most of the available resources with limited resources becomes extremely crucial.


An idling five minutes, unnecessary acceleration leading to accidents, vehicle repairs, untimely maintenance, etc., affect the bottom line. Telematics is here to change this. 


Instead of scheduling maintenance when a vehicle is down, telematics keeps informing you about the upcoming maintenance, so the government can plan it ahead of time. Every part has a certain life. 


Telematics keeps an eye on when your fleet parts need to be changed. A proactive approach can change how a vehicle looks and sounds, and it also lengthens its life.

3. Correcting behavior

Government officials’ image is already tarnished. Often drivers are blamed for rash driving, idling too much, arriving late than the scheduled time, etc. 

Public fleets have a scheduled timetable, and employees need to take it seriously. Drivers operate the vehicle, and their behavior paints an image of the public fleet company in the public’s eyes.  

The video dashcam will come in handy to keep an eye on their wasteful behavior and correct it. It is a part of telematics and very effective in driver monitoring. 

It is installed on the dashboard and keeps an eye on the driver and his behavior during driving, whether they are rushing, idling much, how they navigate through traffic, the kind of language they use, etc. 

GPS tracking is another way to see if a driver is driving recklessly or crossing the geofence for attending to personal matters while on duty. 

Once a telematics solution is installed, the drivers will be conscious, controlling the wasteful behavior. 

4. Better Tracking

Driver monitoring, GPS tracking, video dashcams are all part of telematics software. When combined, they produce individual vehicle data, i.e., how a vehicle is used, its mileage, maintenance, etc. 

This utilization tracking is essential to control unnecessary spending and optimize vehicle usage. It also allows management to see if their fleets are right-sized or need to be changed with smaller or larger vehicles for optimum use. 

5. Way To A Greener Fleet

A greener fleet uses the fuel optimum and whose vehicles don’t emit harmful emissions. 

Proper checking and maintenance ensure that. Government fleets are often compared with private fleet companies in every way. This is one such area where public fleet companies can outperform by installing telematics software.

GPS tracking allows you to know if the vehicle is speeding, idling, fuel consumption is unusual, etc. It summarizes the fuel usage data and flags significant mileage changes. You can then track down the driver through the video dashcam and find out the entire truth.

Installing telematics keeps an eye on the vehicle, its usage, and the driver, so you can avoid the greenhouse effect by addressing these minor but significant issues.

6. Emergency Allocation

Public fleets are for public usage. Wherever they are needed, they should reach as soon as possible. 

GPS tracking allows for real time data which can be used to effectively deploy vehicles during a matter of crisis. It also allows estimating near-accurate ETA, considering traffic and weather, to help execution easier.

7. Changed Operational Environment

Fleet management not only involves bus tracking or driver monitoring, It includes keeping an eye on fuel efficiency, temperature management, Enterprise tracking, inventory management, etc. 

Telematics is a combination of all the necessary software which are essential for fleet management. 

It allows departments to effectively perform their duty by making informed decisions. It changes the way fleet management companies operate. 

The old spreadsheets and manual operation are gone. And the difference is evident.

8. Changed Public Perspective

When the vehicle is properly maintained, doesn’t make any sounds, drivers are behaving, the fleet is not emitting the dangerous black smoke, arriving on time, it changes the way the public perceives the public fleet. 

It makes a huge difference for the public as well as the stakeholders.

9. Helps In Bringing New Talent Onboard

Usually, private fleets lure new talent with better salaries and their operations. When a public fleet is working competitively with a private fleet, it helps them to recruit new talent easily. 

The younger generation is full of ideas, and they have grown up with technology. They possess technical knowledge and thus, would be very happy to join a public fleet if it walks alongside technology.

Final Words

A well-operated public fleet is not just a dream. It is a vision that can be achieved by using telematics. They help address critical issues, manage the fleet more efficiently, and make informed decisions. It changes the picture and helps the public fleet a lot. 

Choosing the right telematics also plays an important role here. Make the right choice and reap the long-term benefits.

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