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Vamosys Fleet Management System

Helps to Minimize Costs And Maximize Efficiency

Enables Consistent Monitoring Of Driver Behavior

Presents The Most Accurate Data In Real Time


Live Time Tracking

The accurate location of your vehicles can be tracked with the VAMOSYS GPS Tracking Device.

Alert Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email can be received from the VAMOSYS Sotware in activities.

Graphical Reports

Reports in the form of Graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.

Activity Report

All Activity Reports can be stored into the device through from the data received through the VAMOSYS Tracker.

History Log

The Data for the activity of the last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

Mobile App for you

A User Friendly Application which works on Android and iOS Platforms to track your vehicles on the go.


Fleet Management includes multiple functions that Fleet Owners have to carry out with a common objective of minimizing costs and risks and maximizing efficiency and productivity in compliance with the government rules and regulations. Some of the major functions are vehicle tracking and maintenance, supply chain management, accident prevention, driver management, speed management, fuel monitoring, etc. Perhaps, it ought to be extremely challenging for organizations to execute these complex activities without a strong and skillful technological base!


The demand for Fleet Management Solutions is rapidly increasing due to the fact that transport and logistics form the key factor of all business operations. Fleet Management System is now the rising technology globally, designed for those aiming to achieve ambitious targets. Businesses have to be involved in this tech-revolution and depend upon IoT, Telematics, Database Information Software, GPS and other Autonomous Machinery for a smooth and streamlined workflow.


VAMOSYS GPS Fleet Management System is one of the best solutions around to resolve the problem of poor fleet management. VAMOSYS Fleet Management solutions are constantly evolving in order to bring the best out of our clients’ businesses. Our dynamic and advanced technology can help your business become better organized and obtain greater efficiency. With the VAMOSYS GPS fleet Management System, Fleet Owners can consistently supervise their fleet from anywhere in the country, with the help of GPS technology. GPS fleet management software by VAMOSYS has an effective platform which presents the most recent and accurate data for every 4 seconds in real time. VAMOSYS provides the most high-quality fleet management devices to serve your business needs and to bring the best out of it. VAMOSYS GPS Fleet Management System uses unique mapping techniques in order to increase the accuracy of the presented data.

Key Features


We specialize in offering dynamic and highly interactive platforms to help you track your fleet with ease in real time. GPS Fleet Management Solutions are one of the top-notch services that we offer at VAMOSYS. Now exploit our wide range of GPS tracking devices, specifically designed to simplify the burden of fleet management.


Get instant SMS, Email or App notifications from our GPS Fleet Management software. In case of
accidents and other emergencies, the software sends immediate alerts. VAMOSYS GPS Fleet
Management System enables you to get consolidated reports on demand for situations like idling,speeding, trip, fuel analytics, ignition, tollgate, executive fuel and much more reports in detail.


VAMOSYS GPS Fuel Tracking Solution helps you to keep a close eye on the fuel usage from anywhere, in Real-Time. Experience the improved efficiency of your fleet through our incredible fuel monitoring
system with an accuracy rate of 99%. VAMOSYS GPS fuel tracking solution can detect fuel theft and
rapid depletion instantly for unlimited number of vehicles!


  • Time-saving – At times, the vehicles of your fleet can get stuck in traffic for several minutes. With our fleet management system, you or your employees can foresee such areas and avoid such routes inreal time.
  • Enhance resources – Monitor your vehicles and get complete  comprehension with our GPS Fleet tracking solutions. Get details on engine idling, fuel usage, driver behavior, etc. in real time. By gathering this data, you can employ your resources better in the required areas, eventually saving money.
  • Escalate vehicle usage – By integrating the Vamosys GPS tracking system, you can get the best out of your fleet. Fleet managers can use the data to analyze through our GPS tracking software and reduce idle time, over-speeding and fuel consumption of your vehicle.
  • Minimize operating expenses – Vamosys Fleet management System plays an impactful role in managing the routes efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and excessive overtime charges.
  • Reduced downtime – To increase profitability and productivity of any transportation company, reduced downtime holds the key. Our high quality GPS tracking system will keep you informed on schedule trips more efficiently. This will eventually help in reducing the downtime of your vehicles.
  • Get predictable – There is no room for unpredictability in the transportation business. Get predictable, by making information such as real-time tracking, accurate delivery time and other time-related details available to your customers.
  • Get Instant Alerts – Get instant SMS or email or App notification alerts from our GPS Fleet Management software. When your vehicle goes out of a marked zone, or in case of accidents and other difficulties, the software will send instant notifications so that you can take essential action.
  • Peace of mind – As manual tracking of your fleet can be stressful and time-consuming, one thing ca be guaranteed with investing in Vamosys GPS Fleet tracking, is reduced stress. With reduced mental and physical demand of your body, you can forget those sleepless nights before investing in fleet tracking management.
  • Happy customers – A happy and loyal customer prop is primarily important to run a successful transportation business. Vamosys Fleet Management System will help your fleet respond to service calls faster and reach out to your customers and their fleet management needs on time.
  • Competitiveness – Get ahead of your competitors by smoothly running your transportation business with the Vamosys GPS Fleet Management System. Keep your employees happy, reduce costs and provide top-class customer service.

Implement the VAMOSYS Fleet Management Solution today and enjoy the most pleasurable experience in managing your fleet!