Theft of cargo is on the rise: What can be done to prevent it?

Fleets travel a large distance and are vulnerable to many dangers. In recent time, a large number of fleets face cargo theft. According to a study there is a 60 percent increase in the theft of Cargo.

It is crucial for fleet managers to keep everything in check. A little mistake can lead to theft of cargo. Cargo faces internal and external types of theft and can cause a lot of damage to fleet owners.

You need to be aware of things and keep some things in mind that can bring security to your cargo. Read below to know how you can prevent your Cargo from theft and also learn what are cargo theft tactics that burglars follow!


The Two Kind of Thefts Impacting Cargos

Theft of Cargo is very common. A lot of loss of property and capital is faced by the owners can lead to loss and destruction of the assets. In recent years, there is a rise of 10 percent in cargo thefts. 

Theft can be planned in two ways. There is a high chance that someone within your system helps people to plan and aid them in carrying out a theft operation. This kind of theft is known as internal theft.

Internal theft is very common these days. It is well planned and can be executed easily as the person on your side is well aware of each and every asset. They may get access to route maps, timing, and other crucial information that aids to carry out a successful theft operation.

Another way in which cargo is looted is external theft. In such theft, there is zero involvement of an internal agency. This kind of theft is usually carried out by professional thieves of the cargo.

External theft may cause a lot of damage to resources particularly including human resources as well.

How to Prevent Theft of Cargo?

Theft on Cargo can cause a lot of damage to life and property. Every year fleets lose a lot of capital and assets due to regular thefts. It becomes a challenging task to eliminate these thefts.

Some precautions and awareness can help companies to protect their cargo from theft and other damages. Read below to know how you can prevent theft of your cargo!

1.Reduce Chances of Internal Theft

It is very important to keep an eye on all your employees and assets while the cargo goes on through internal execution processes. Many cargoes face theft at various distribution centers all around the world.

Employees working at these distribution centers easily steal goods or plan thefts causing a lot of damage to the assets of the cargo. It is mandatory to get extra careful on distribution centers so that you can eliminate any chance of theft on your cargo.

Auditing and keeping track of each and every asset at distribution centers can help you to find out if any product is missing or being stolen by anybody. Employees at the distribution center will feel the challenge to plan or execute any kind of theft if an auditing system is kept to keep things in check.

Auditing can make things easier for you and can help you to reduce the risks of theft to a large extent at distribution centers or by other internal employees of the cargo.

Internal thefts are largely carried out by employees because they think the fleet and cargo managers are careless and cannot catch them. This mainly happens due to poor management and improper record management.

Using lists and inventory methods can sort out your problems leading to higher efficiency. If employees know that you are constantly keeping track of each and every record they will not risk stealing anything.

You can with systematic planning and keeping up-to-date records of everything on your cargo can eliminate the risk of internal theft to a large extent.

2.Be Strict in Case of Internal Theft

You need to set an example when it comes to dealing with internal thefts. A large number of employees will learn a lesson from the way you deal with internal theft.


If your cargo goes through an internal theft and you are able to find the people behind it. It is suggested by many business people that fleet owners must remain extra strict and must take harsh decisions. You can lay off such people who plan a theft of your cargo.


This sets a good example in the mind of other people and creates a fear of losing their job if they take part in any such activity. It stops employees from making further attempts at any kind of theft.

This method is very effective and many top leaders in the fleet industry feel that doing fake drills including internal thefts can help you to set a fearful mindset in the mind of employees working at various distribution centers. 

3.Keep an Eye on Your Assets and Cargo

Surveillance is the key when it comes to keeping your cargo safe and secure. Installing cameras and other devices like dash cams and GPS enables you to keep an eye on all your assets.

Installing CCTV at warehouses and several other intermediary stations can help you to control any misbehavior or theft. CCTV creates a passive fear in the mind of people and also keeps things on track.

4.Add Partners to Your Alliance

The theft of cargo can be prevented to a large extent by making partnerships with companies and security agencies. These companies are very useful as they can provide you with tools that help in preventing thefts. 

Security companies make sure that at each and every step your cargo is secured as they keep double-checking and give tips to maintain a high level of security. You will get a briefing on a daily basis to maintain security checks known as critical infrastructure briefing.

Infrastructure briefing double-checks every process at your end and ensures a high level of the infrastructural system is developed to cope with the security risks.

5.Maintain Check with External Agents

Apart from internal thefts cargo is meant with external thefts as well. It is critically important to ensure that all external players involved in the transportation of cargo are legitimate and safe.

External players must be examined properly to ensure that there is no lapse in security.

Summing it up!

Increasing your safety standards is the right way to save your cargo from theft. Fleets are exposed to a large number of threats at various stages during the journey. From base station to delivery location there are high probabilities of theft.

Keeping these above-mentioned tips can help you to save your cargo from theft. Practice these tips and ensure that all safety standards are followed and risks of cargo theft are eliminated.

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