Revolution of Live Tracking System in Logistics Business

Since the 1970s, industries around the world have heard that computers will completely change the world. By the 1980s, computers had entered our office, living room, and school systems, making computers available to more people. 

The emergence of the Internet and the World Wide Web in the 1990s changed our lives and business prospects forever. Technologies such as video telematics have been developed to change the way vehicles are tracked on a global scale. 

Companies in the fleet management, transportation and logistics industry are constantly looking for new ways to expand their businesses. Vehicle maintenance is one of the biggest challenges and accounts for a large part of the budget each year. Other factors that limit its production include fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and driver performance. Thanks to advances in mobile technology and mobile applications for mobile logistics solutions, GPS technology is now more than just a tool to help drivers navigate the transportation and logistics industries. 

GPS technology revolutionized the transportation industry. Mobile application developers can provide excellent GPS vehicle monitoring solutions that combine the effective business functions that your organization and your customers require. You can easily track the vehicle, arrange the driver’s itinerary and manage expenses through your smart mobile device. 

The fleet management software and controller application functions are ideal for running profitable transportation for logistics companies without having to make multiple calls or view a bunch of paper data and reports. 

For any transportation method that relies on its assets to generate revenue, managing the fleet becomes critical. Effective GPS tracking technology can be the answer to the measurement standard. 

GPS is an important technology in the fleet industry that can help companies obtain important data about the operation of a single truck or large fleet. 

The cloud-based platform is used in conjunction with GPS trackers, which are permanently connected to the company’s fixed assets through modern GPS tracking technology and have advanced functions. 

Advanced Mobile Transportation Tracking Software can provide critical data to help improve fleet management system performance. Additionally, GPS technology offers many benefits that can change your business. 

Consider some of the most important benefits of adopting GPS technology in the transportation industry, 

revolution of live tracking system in logistics business

1.Fleet Management

With the help of a real-time tracking system, you can communicate with truck drivers in real time. After installing the GPS tracking system, companies can improve and optimize their fleet management operations. At the same time, if you are looking for a variety of ways to save money and improve efficiency, consider GPS vehicle tracking a good option.

2.Driver Performance and Safety

Drivers are the backbone of transportation and the core of the logistics organization. Therefore, your safety and well-being must be the highest priority. GPS technology improves driver safety by monitoring driver behavior. For example, continuous monitoring can prevent children from speeding or driving recklessly. Plus, you can use GPS technology to identify and reward drivers with excellent driving skills.

3.Minimized Theft

In the transportation and logistics industry, there is a lot of money online. In any case, the theft of a vehicle with valuable cargo can cause significant losses and negatively affect your company’s reputation. GPS systems help send alerts when such events occur. It also enables you to take effective legal action against criminals.

4.Cost Analysis

 By using GPS tracking technology, fleet managers can better understand their operations. They can track the location of each truck and use the data to make better decisions and increase efficiency. You will be able to track fuel costs for each trip and prohibit drivers from using fuel for personal gain.

5.Exceptional efficiency

The  GPS vehicle tracking system is fully automatic and can provide real-time updates to your remote devices, allowing you to make quick decisions. 

You will have more time to focus on other elements of the organization because there are no document requirements for managers and drivers. In addition, drivers do not care about the mileage they accumulate due to road construction or detours. 

The GPS system can help you get the most out of each driver in terms of performance and efficiency. By designing your own custom GPS-based software, you can quickly and efficiently resolve any technical issues by specifying the next closest vehicle.

6.Quality Customer Services

When you plan ahead, you can make more deliveries every day, which means you can better serve your customers. You can also inform them of the estimated time of arrival and delays. Vamosys also provides mobile logistics solutions through the development of GPS tracking applications aimed at increasing your company’s productivity and revenue. 

It is undeniable that the real-time revolution has changed customer expectations and how organizations respond to these expectations.

7.Resource Optimization

 GPS equipment helps to improve communication between you and the driver. With GPS tracking, you can pay close attention to any abnormal driver behavior. 

 Second, if there is a delay in delivery, you can find out the cause of the delay. Third, this will certainly help build trust between you and the driver, because there is no room for uncertainty.

The data collected by the GPS a tracking system allows transportation companies to make better use of their resources and identify multiple cost reduction alternatives.

8.Reduce Administrative Resources

Collecting mileage reports and other data requires dispatching personnel on the road. This will lead to a surplus of labor on the road and increase costs.

In addition, the number of people in the office has increased, allowing you to complete the remaining tasks at your desk. Since data can be collected directly from the vehicle, GPS technology significantly reduces this number.

9.Reduction in Insurance Cost

Major insurance companies now offer special discounts for cars equipped with GPS tracking devices. If you own a vehicle with GPS, you can save up to 35% of insurance costs.

If you own a transportation or logistics company, GPS technology is essential. This is because GPS has many advantages that can completely change your business.

Therefore, you must set aside a lot of money to implement high-quality GPS technology, because it is always valuable.

Sushanthi is a Content Writer who wishes to be the voice of brands to project their innovative ideas and stories through her writing skills.

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