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Panic button & vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking and Panic button

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Vehicle tracking and Panic button, a must in public transport from January 2019.


The ministry of transport has taken a crucial step in securing traveller

s safety.






According to the latest update from the ministry of transport, the perspective of the Central government has affirmed an increase of safety and security in Public transport. This demands and deems to add/attach emergency buttons and vehicle tracking device to every public service vehicle. This measure was taken in complete public interest. The ministry of transport has taken a step forward in securing travellers safety.


Emergency buttons and VLT (vehicle location tracking) in transport vehicles offering public services is mandatory other than auto rickshaws. This applies to those vehicles that are registered on January 1, 2019 and after. The vehicles with emergency buttons and VLT order 2018, is applied to all the public transport vehicles specifically under the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules), 1989. All this has been made a must by the road transport and highways ministry.


The Ministry’s Words.

“Vehicle tracking system in passenger vehicles will be made mandatory from 1st of January, 2019. The notification has been sent for publishing and will come into effect today (Wednesday). The notification will be issued for all new commercial vehicles and, for older vehicles, state governments may notify and it will be implementation-based,” said, Priyank Bharti, the joint secretary for Ministry of road transport and highways.


All those public service vehicles which are registered up and until 31st of December, 2018 are exempted from this act by the Centre. But, the respective state or union territory must provide in case of expired time period of vehicles registration and notify as per compliance of requirements.


“The vehicle location tracking device manufacturers would assist in providing the back-end services for monitoring. The states can notify the date of implementation of vehicle location tracking and emergency button for older vehicles registered up to December 31, 2018. This is a regulation for safety of passengers, especially women. The ministry has also notified the operational procedure for implementation of vehicle location tracking cum emergency buttons,” said a spokesperson from Ministry of road transport.


Act now.

The pressure comes from the transport Ministry, after they were notified draft alteration to the CMVR in July, 2018. This makes VLT devices and FASTags a must in those public transport vehicles who wants to get their national permits. So, act now and avoid unnecessary penalties by contacting a certified dealer today.

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