Why Fuel Tracking?

What is Fuel Monitoring System?

A Fuel Tracking system is a software that works with help of a fuel sensor integrated into the vehicle. This software identifies fuel theft or loss from the tank, either by overfilling or draining. Unfortunately, fuel theft is very common for the transport and logistics corporations. To find out how fuel tracking can help your business, read further.

The demand for fuel monitoring device is on the rise and the reason is pretty obvious. All the transport and logistics corporations have the common goal of minimizing costs with maximizing efficiency. To attain such success, it’s a necessity to micromanage your fleet. An important aspect of fleet management is to check the fuel consumption on daily basis. Thus, a Fuel Tracker comes into play to keep a track on the fuel usage from your fingertips.

The Issues

Overfilling the fleet vehicle can cause your business extra. The drivers use the fuel filling station transit to inject extra fuel to personal canisters for their personal use. The draining frequently takes place when the vehicle is at the halt on the main road service areas or in the absence of the driver.

Extra charge of delays and fuel-related with each theft cause the important financial loss for your business with each theft occurrence. By installing a Fuel Tracker, you will notice difference remotely at any point of the day in either case of fuel depletion or fuel theft.

Why use Fuel Tracking?

As a user of fuel sensor for trucks or any other vehicle, you have the advantage of getting automatic variations. Travelling distance in kilometres to the money accounting to your fuel dealer or to the quantity of fuel literally used. In case of irregularities, reports will be sent to you right away regarding the situation of overfilling.

A fuel monitoring sensor also gives you immediate updates in the case of an instantaneous reduction of fuel levels in the tank. As soon as the fuel sensor detects the draining, an alert is sent to you. This alert could be SMS, or notification from an app, or an email, depending on the services of the software.

A Fuel Tracking system is easy to install and suits with most vehicles and a high caliber GPS device having a correlative input. In conclusion, the installation of fuel monitoring devices for your trucks, buses or cars makes it worth every rupee and puts you ahead of your competitors.

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