Telematics for HVAC Trucks

The role played by HVAC trucks (cold chain operations) in the logistics business.

The world is changing drastically with so many new innovations and adaptations in every industry to make the best use of the available resources without any wastage. 

Any products that are produced, cultivated, manufactured or created does not stay with the producer or the creator, it has to reach the markets around the globe to reach the consumer (Customer). And it’s possible only through the logistics industry. 

In other words, “Farm to Dining Table ” is achieved only by the secured transportation services, which are done by the trucks widely. 

Trucks mean, it’s not just dumping in the products and transporting them to the destination. Every product that is produced naturally or artificially has its own temperature levels to be maintained consistently for better quality. 

One such important operation to maintain the quality of the products is the “cold chain operation”, in which the temperature of the products are either Heated, Refrigerated, or Air-Conditioned (HVAC) as per the demand of the customer during the entire course of transportation.  

Hence, to maintain such temperature levels of products and deliver quality, we have the HVAC trucks to do the job with perfection.

How does telematics help HVAC trucks?

Advancements in multiple fields of technologies are most effective when they go hand-in-hand by bounding each other. The best example is “Telematics”, which encompasses telecommunications, Vehicular technology, computer science, and electrical engineering in the entire process to achieve a successful trade through HVAC trucks. 

This bounded process of telematics has various operations involved in the logistics. So, let’s get to know in detail about the major internal processes of telematics in HVAC trucks.


Vehicle Tracking System is widely used nowadays and its usage has increased rapidly in the transportation field over the past decade. Especially in the fleets, its main purpose of the use is to ensure efficiency and savings for the company by monitoring the vehicle movements. 

Tracking is all about getting to know the real-time position of a particular vehicle in a systematic way. Vehicles of any fleet can be tracked either through a GPS tracking system or SIM tracking system

Any trade is done with a time-bound plan to receive or deliver the product. In such an aspect, Tracking systems are very useful for the management to monitor and have control over the fleets to deliver the products in time. It is also useful for the clients to know the current timeline of the vehicle. 

A vehicle cannot be off-track for a longer time, which can be detected through a tracking system and the driver can be alerted immediately to get on track, which is very efficient for any management to control the fleet and ensure that the product reaches the required destination in time as per schedule. 

If there is any deviation of the truck from the planned route which is said to be fuel efficient or less traffic, the driver can be redirected back on track as planned by the management with an alert message or call. 

It’s risky if the strange driver drives away your valuable products somewhere else, so there is no trust without these tracking devices that has control over the drivers working for you.


Temperature maintenance in the HVAC trucks is the key to deliver quality products. Delivering spoiled products at the right time is not a good deal, rather it would be a disaster for the management. To avoid such cases, telematics uses Temperature monitoring sensors to maintain a consistent temperature of the product throughout the transportation through HVAC trucks. 

Temperatures vary as hot and cold, depending upon the demand of the product to be transported, the sensors are set up to have control over the product consistently. 

If there is any malfunction in the monitoring system or the HVAC, the temperature of the product might go higher or lower than the threshold levels which would definitely end up in a heavy loss for the company.

The GPS system allows the management to have an eye over the real-time temperature of the product through the entire course of transportation. In case of any abnormalities in the temperature of the product, the driver can be immediately alerted with a message or call to reset the temperature. 

The system records the real-time temperature data of products at regular intervals of time which helps the management to have complete control over the quality analysis of the project which is the most important aspect of any successful trade as quality gives the ultimate satisfaction for any client. 


Considering the various aspects like global warming and fuel costs, many countries are looking for electric-run vehicles as an alternate option for fuels in the near future. Especially a country like India which has higher fuel costs, it would be a major concern in the field of transportation.  

To have a profitable trade, being cost-efficient is one of the major factors for savings. The telematics system helps you in this to cut short unwanted fuel expenses during the fleet operations. 

Fuel is one of the largest ongoing expenses for HVAC fleets. Telematic systems offer the facility to have a compendious view of fuel data at its fingertips to monitor the fleet’s fuel economy and have control over the bottom line of the organization.

Every project has its own budget limit to execute it in an effective way, sometimes, excess usage of fuel due to overspeeding of vehicles beyond the economical level and vehicle idling might result in a loss for the company. 

To avoid such wastage and excess usage of fuel, the Telematic system is here to take control of such overspeeding with speed limit alarms to the management which then alerts the driver to drive economically.

Vehicle hosting is also monitored through the GPS tracking device and indications of engine ON or OFF are noted, if the vehicle remains static exceeding the time limit, the driver is given the alert to move immediately to avoid fuel loss. 


Better fleet management comes with better analysis. The management team should analyze the usage of the fleet and its return on investment and should focus on the areas to be improved for a better return. 

Travel route and distance covered by the fleet should be analyzed to calculate the mileage. Such data helps to monitor and reduce the error, waste, and delays made by the fleet operators. 

About 25% of the fleet operation cost is covered by fuel. Fuel economy is a key factor and it depends on the type of vehicle used, the condition of the vehicle, and the behavior of the vehicle user. 


Another important index to track how your fleet is performing its maintenance. The importance of fleet maintenance has to be understood and special attention to its maintenance tracking is a must.  

Regular maintenance of the vehicle will enhance its performance and avoid unwanted errors and costs which would be a loss for the company. So, the fleet has to be in and out of the garages on a regular basis for higher performance.

The maintenance schedules are updated through telematics software and the intimation can be given through smartphones. 


Intelligent management will always have a better track of its expenses than the return. If the unwanted expenses are noted and reduced from the top line, any company can have a better bottom line. 

Management should have a track record of the total cost of ownership of each vehicle. Complete fuel and maintenance cost of the fleet has to be monitored carefully in order to ensure that the fleet is not costing the company beyond its limits. 

For detailed expense report, our telematics system provides digital report to analyze the cost that has been spent for individual fleet operations. 


To know more about VAMOSYS TELEMATICS SOFTWARE, kindly visit and contact our customer support team. 

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