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Chinese GPS software is not advisable to use due to its short battery life, lack of accuracy, and potential security risks. Alternatives like Samsara and GPS VTS offer advanced features such as real-time tracking, fuel management, and driver behavior monitoring. They also provide cost-effectiveness, compliance with regulations, and customizable solutions suitable for various company needs. GPS VTS, in particular, offers remote monitoring, geofencing, and integration with third-party systems. 

The software helps reduce fuel costs and delivery time, ensures fixed journey plans, and provides attractive licensing and business models. Overall, choosing alternative GPS software can improve fleet management and enhance driver safety.

Basically, the U.S has been the world leader in satellite-based positioning with its GPS. China launched its satellite with its advanced technology during the year 2000 and still rules the world of navigation and digital mapping.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of using the Chinese GPS software is because its cost-effectiveness. Though it costs less, it doesn’t last long for a longer time. Hence, while managing the fleet business, it is important to consider the quality to run your business effectively.

The evolution of the technology and the deployment of positioning the satellites will also provide an advantage for the space industry.

In this article,  you will get a brief about Chinese GPS software, why it is not advised to use, and what are the other alternatives for Chinese GPS softwares.

What are the Chinese GPS softwares, and Why is it not advised to use them?

Do you know about the Chinese GPS Softwares?

Here are some of the Chinese software used across the GPS market  – ProTrack, Meitrack, iTracksafe, iStartek, and Jimi.

Do you know the exact reason why Chinese softwares is not advisable to use?

If not,  the reasons are here – Most of the Chinese GPS Softwares doesn’t have a lifelong battery and does not show the exact location; in fact, these GPS software can be availed only on Chinese websites like Alibaba.

The Chinese software will last at least five to six months to its maximum. Thus, if you are running the fleet management business, make sure to use the best GPS software. Apart from these, the rise of BeiDou has alarmed the U.S national security establishment.

According to the research, it is said that the Chinese satellites can jam the signals in specific areas where there might be a chance of cyberattacks.

So, here is an alternate solution for Chinese GPS software. 

Benefits of choosing alternative GPS Software

Confused about choosing the best alternatives for the Chinese GPS softwares?

Let’s get more into this article to help you know the alternatives of GPS and why these are suggested? 

This alternative software will have excellent features such as alert notification, driver behavior, fuel management, long-lasting batteries, more than these software’s are more enhanced with advanced telematics solutions for better usage. 

The below are alternatives to Chinese GPS Softwares.


The Samsara is known to be one of the best GPS fleet tracking services for small businesses. Its intuitive software will be providing real-time tracking and live alerts.

The GPS fleet tracking solutions can be customized for the suitable needs of many companies. This software also has safety and compliance features. Thus, employers can manage their fleets and maintain compliance with its IFTA, DVIR, and ELD.

Key features of Samsara

  • Audit  Trail
  • Data visualisation
  • Dispatch Management
  • Notification
  • Asset tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Fuel cost reconciliation
  • Fuel cost management
Benefits of GPS Trackit
  • It helps the companies to keep up with the charging the demand
  • Maintenance feature that allows in preventing unexpected breakdowns
  • Improves driver safety 
  • Reduces the operating costs
  • Compliance with an Electronic Logging Device and the other mandates
  •  Customisable features that will fit a company’s needs


The GPS VTS will be offering some good features such as the history of the vehicle, Report of Geofencing and last transmission; one can be able to monitor your fuel like consolidating fuel report, fuel theft, executive fuel, monthly distance and fuel, fuel analyst, protocol report, raw fuel DATA, fuel report for every individual vehicle and finally a fuel notification. The mentions can help avoid fuel theft. 

Apart from these features, it also offers driver behavior tracking like the movement of the vehicle, whether the vehicle is going Overspeed, hours of a vehicle parked, idle, ignition, site trip, a summary of the trip, alarm stoppage, No Data, and the route deviation. The GPS VTS will help know the performance of the vehicle for the fleet managers. 

Key features of GPS VTS

  • Remote monitoring from any device
  • Effective Fleet Monitoring
  • Multi-vehicle map view
  • Door and Ignition on /off monitoring
  • Harsh braking and acceleration sensing
  • Cabin temperature sensing
  • Alerts and Logs for the key identified scenarios
  • 100% ownership
Benefits of GPS VTS
  • Reduces the fuel costs and time of delivery
  • Helps in increase in visiting and deliveries due to proper management of vehicles.
  • Ensures to have a fixed journey as planned for the fleet on a day to day basis.
  • Fixed journeys planned for the fleet on a day to day basis.
  • Geofencing
  • Replay tracking 
  •  Multi-vehicle view on the map with the last known geolocation time stamping
  • Attractive licensing and the usage of business models
  • Maximum benefit of mobile network connectivity 
  • Integration with 3rd party systems such as SAP, Weighing bridge application, transport management system, etc. 
  • Fully customisable 
Some creenshots of GPS VTS
Drivers Performance Chart

The above image shows the performance of the driver; the orange denotes the analysis of the acceleration, green for the break, black for the speed, whereas blue indicates the usage of break. This chart will help the fleet managers improve the driver’s performance and driver’s safety. 

Transmission report

This image is all about the last transmission report that shows the number of each vehicle, and the other activities such as, when it was last seen, when it was last commuted, number of Kilometres travelled, speed of the vehicle and its position, vehicle’s nearest location. Apart from these, you can get an overall report like the total number of vehicles, parked location, Vehicle moving activities, total kilometers travelled, Vehicle idling. In fact, the fleet managers are able to know which vehicles are under no network coverage displays no Data in software. 

Geo Fence Report

The GeoFencing will help in improving more security, especially for the school buses. The fleet managers can set the location for each vehicle. For instance when the fleet manager sets point A which is near the school and point B to the last stop, and when the driver starts from Point A the manager gets a notification and when the driver stops at point B the fleet manager gets a notification. The managers can also set 100 meters near point A or according to their wish so that when the drivers are near it shows the notification for the managers. 

Daily Mail Scheduling

When you are too busy at work and cannot check the report then you can schedule the report where it automatically sends you the mail. Thus, even when you are out of the station you can check your mail and get the status of the vehicle. 

Vehicle Distance Coverage - Monthly report

This vehicle report helps to know the number of kilometers covered by the driver on daily basis. Through this, the fleet managers are able to know how many Kms has been covered by the driver. It motivates the drivers to achieve more than the required target. 

Vehicle wise performance

Knowing about each vehicle’s performance is always well and good, thus, this vehicle-wise performance report will be very helpful in knowing about each vehicle. I.e the fleet manager can able to know the detailed report of vehicle name, date of when the vehicle had started, date of vehicle it ended, number of kilometers it had travelled, number of times it travelled with Overspeed, for how many hours the vehicle is moving, duration of the vehicle parked, duration of the vehicle which was in no network coverage area, hours of the idle, starting point of the vehicle ending point of the vehicle, and the status of the engine. Using these features you can be aware of the moonlight employees. 

Over speed Report

This Overspeed report will be providing safety for the drivers and reports to the fleet managers. In simple words, the fleet managers are able to track the driver regarding whether they are driving harshly. The fleet managers can even know at what speed the drivers are driving the vehicle and at what distance. If in any case, the driver drives the vehicle above the speed that has been set the fleet managers will be notified. 


The Azuga is known to be the best GPS tracking service for monitoring a company’s assets. It offers plug-and-play fleet tracking devices.

The Azuga users are able to access several live alerts and can schedule the reports. Asset tracking is essential for a business with costly assets such as cranes, storage containers, forklifts, rental equipment, and trailers and needs to know where these assets are and see whether they are safe and accounted for. 

This software provides a one shop-stop for businesses by providing them with the necessary software and hardware to track every type of asset, whether the equipment is powered or unpowered. 

The company can use this software to monitor its fleet, locate and service deployed assets, prevent asset theft, and improve the vehicle and equipment, safety, and efficiency. 

Key features of Azuga

  • Activity tracking
  • Notification
  • Asset tracking
  • Check-in and check out
  • Contact database
  • License management
  • Dispatch management
  • Fuel management
Benefits of Azuga
  • Saves operating costs 
  • It saves time and reduces downtime.
  • Optimises the resources and maximise the asset utilisation
  • Liable for managing the field staff and drivers
  • Minimise maintenance costs

GPS Trackit

GPSTrackit is a cloud-based fleet management solution that has been designed for some small and midsize businesses in the industries that include the government, automotive, construction, and health care.

The GPSTrackit will be offering the best fleet tracking service with its best value. It provides various features like automated reporting, roadside assistance management, equipment inventory management, tracking, scheduling, and dispatching. This kind of solution will enable the users to configure email or a text alert and send it to the specific users for vehicle maintenance and geofencing.

Key features of GPS Trackit

  • Driver management
  • GPS
  • Incident reporting
  • Routing
  • Tire management
  • Load optimisation
  • Mileage tracking 
  • Quotes / Estimates
Benefits of GPS Trackit
  • Maximise the vehicle utilisation
  • Optimise the resource
  • Manages the field staff and drivers effectively 
  • Reduce the paperwork
  • Optimises the financial management
  • Satisfies the customers
  • Reduce insurance costs


This NexTraq is known to be the best safety features in 2021. It provides a flexible price with one to three years of contracts, free installation. The fleet managers are able to check their fleet’s location from any device through their NextTraq web portal, this also includes both the driver’s behaviour as well as the vehicle’s activity. 

Key features of NexTraq

  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Driver management 
  • Dispatch management
  • Routing
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Fuel management
Benefits of NexTraq
  • Increases the efficiency and the productivity
  • Decreases the insurance premiums, fuel costs, and the other expenses
  • Good customer services
  • Comprehensive monitoring

Each alternative for Chinese GPS Software has various features; thus, make sure to buy the best GPS Software based on your requirement. The other GPS software is better to buy because it is straightforward to buy the software, and the devices, also in case; of any problem or doubt with the software, one can easily contact the customer care quickly.

Hope, the above article made you clear about why the Chinese software is not suggested, and what software can be replaced along with its features and benefits.

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