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Importance of Sustainable Fleet Management for Vamosys 

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Importance of Sustainable Fleet Management for Vamosys 

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Sustainable fleet management is a forefront industry step because many businesses around the world are going greener. In fact, recently in October 2018, a climate study group advocated that humans need to be greener. Global warming has always been a controversial topic. Some scientists believe that Global warming is caused by natural cycles, thus leading to climate change. However, the majority of the scientists tend to argue otherwise and we at Vamosys take several steps to do our part as responsible human beings, family and finally as a corporate in that order to help the earth, to keep its cool.

The 1.5 Degree Target

A group of scientists from IPCC, issued a clear-cut warning about climate change and global warming at a UN conference. They explained that we must act swiftly to reduce the increase in temperature to 1.5 degrees within the next few decades. If not, the temperatures will continue to rise over 1.5 degrees, and we will be facing irreversible effects, warned the scientists. For example, increase in water levels will leave the coastal areas uninhabitable and extreme weathers will be a common issue. Specifically, the IPCC pointed that the governments should pursue to bring down carbon dioxide emission by 45%. Eventually, a 45% reduction can significantly affect heavy fuel users, such as business with fleets of vehicles.

Vamosys for Sustainable Fleet Management

Nevertheless, several fleets are taking their step towards sustainable fleet management exclusive of carbon target. Environmental leadership is what drives Vamosys fleet management solutions towards a sustainable fleet management, and other reasons such as reducing business costs for our clients is what keeps on course. Number of studies provided evidence to support the case for sustainable fleet management which leads to business savings. For example, fleets are saved indirectly from tax credits and directly on fuel costs.


How does Vamosys Incorporate Sustainable Fleet Management into your business ?

Once you decide to go green, the next question that ponders is, “How do you I go green?”. Vamosys fleet management systems identifies that aspects such as planning operations, conserving fuel and purchasing assets are common operations that every fleet should work on to increase their efficiency. When it comes to asset purchasing, we encourage in moving towards ideas which makes your fleet a fuel efficient one. For instance, the trend that every fleet wants to be a part of in the year 2019 is adding electric vehicles to their fleet, since the technology is becoming further feasible. Route planning is another idea to combine the internal functions down to a single route rather than extended trips. Lastly fuel conservation, which is major concern in every fleet management systems and we at Vamosys are a specialist in fuel management system.

Several fleets are joining Vamosys fleet management solutions, in order to make sustainable fleet management a significant part of their business. It’s a great move for going green and for reducing costs, so why wait? Be a part of Vamosys sustainable fleet management today!


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