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Scientists, organizations and governments across the globe have mutually acknowledged the requisite to act upon climate change. The UN commemorated the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on March 21, 2019, which is organised for the Paris Agreement and new regulations for countries to lessen the greenhouse gases. While these regulations have made a reasonable impact, they have been facing a lot of challenges as well. Patricia Espinosa, United Nations Climate Change Executive Secretary, stated during the commemoratory speech, “What we need now are results.”

This commemoration comes amid United Nations assessment of extreme weather events, those resulted in around 524,000 deaths around the world between the years 1997 and 2016, with damages worth about $3 trillion. “What we need now takes all of us, because we know that solutions to climate change don’t come from governments alone. They also come from businesses, investors, community organizations, private citizens and more.” said the Executive Secretary in her speech.

Why focus on fleet sustainability?

For a fleet, irrespective of its size, devising a sustainable GPS fleet management program could be the best contribution that can be made to meet Espinosa’s call.

GPS Fleet Management sustainability is not just altruistic — it also has a vast number of benefits for fleets:

  1. Decrease the carbon footprint of your organisation, through better route plans and by using alternative-fuel vehicles with fewer emissions.
  2. Reduce long-term expenses, such as fewer fuel expenses, and other customary maintenances.
  3. Meet the demands of significant emissions regulations.

What is fleet sustainability?

  • Fleet sustainability activities revolve around decreasing the environmental impact of vehicles in a fleet, with strategies such as:
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Reduction in Idling
  • Fuel-efficient driving
  • Investing in hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Vehicle pooling or sharing
  • Use of alternative fuels
  • Alternative modes of transportation
  • Encourage staff participation in sustainability programs with incentives

Some companies, specifically government fleets, should have a green strategy to their list: By strongly recommending all the staff members to develop a sustainable attitude in their personal lives. Incentives can be offered, in order to promote biking, walking or using public transportation to reach their offices and other workplaces. Companies can initiate an employee rideshare program to ease carpooling for the staff. Conduct seminars and other interactive campaigns within the organisation, in order to share the knowledge on the importance of sustainability, could be another way of promoting such attitude among the employees.

Reaching sustainability goals with telematics

A fleet needs data, to achieve a sustainable fleet plan. This data has to cover the fleet’s entire story to make efficient decisions, and telematics devices help in obtaining this precise and required data. Experience reduction in fuel expenses and maintenance costs, in adapting telematics technology, thus achieving a sustainable fleet.

The VAMOSYS open platform and telematics devices obtain significant information of a vehicle on a quantitative scale, which lets you analyse every necessary detail of the fleet. Collect data on idling time, GPS location, dangerous driver behaviour and several other data. All this information comes together to repair the tweaks and improvise new ideas for efficient and sustainable GPS fleet management.

4 ways fleets can use VAMOSYS telematics to reduce emissions:

  • Identify and reduce unnecessary idling, thus promoting efficient driving.
  • Apply alternative fuels and electric vehicles.
  • Optimize routes, by reducing distances covered
  • Encourage and apply dynamic vehicle maintenance

1. Identify and reduce unnecessary idling, thus promoting efficient driving.

Telematics is a powerful tool to reduce fuel consumption, driving efficiency and safety management. Alerts and reports can point out aggressive driving behaviour, such as harsh acceleration, sudden braking, speeding and various other environmentally harmful activities that over consume fuel. With such information, the fleet managers can spot the specific issues, and provide the drivers with the right knowledge and counselling to perform better on their duties.

2. Apply alternative fuels and electric vehicles.

Out of all the current vehicle technologies in existence, electric vehicles offer fleets the best opportunity to better urban air quality, since they emit almost nothing that harms the environment. Remember, it is vital to manage any electric vehicle to its requisite duty cycle, and to be positive on specific vehicle, in which the routes would bring the best contender for replacement. Precise data is required for a precise analysis of the replacement. An Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) acts as the telematics data provider that generates all the necessary information to help ensure the right purchase/investment.

3. Optimize routes, by reducing distances covered

By processing alternative routes, fleets can avoid routes with heavy traffic, as much as possible. With VAMOSYS, you can guide the drivers and avoid high-traffic areas. This feature also provides the drivers with efficient routes and reduce the fuel fuel consumption, increased profitability and the key factor of, reducing carbon emissions.

4. Encourage and apply dynamic vehicle maintenance

The most common contributors of unnecessary carbon emissions and fuel waste are depending on the maintenance of vehicle. Incomplete and improper vehicle maintenance is the reason in most of the cases.

How telematics helps with vehicle maintenance:

Fleet managers can manage their maintenance schedules by using telematics to keep a track of diagnostic trouble codes, by tracking odometer readings and real-time alerts to precisely schedule vital maintenances. Record and update the completed vehicle maintenance through the dynamic VAMOSYS apps and web platforms

Apart from this environmental friendly idea, telematics has many fuel management programs to sustain GPS fleet management goals. Thanks to this particular technology, greening a vehicle has become an easy one. Why wait? Make your fleet an environmentally friendly one with VAMOSYS Fleet Management Solutions.

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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