How does Fuel Tracking Technology help to Improve Efficiency and Productivity?


  • Fuel tracking technology helps improve fleet efficiency and productivity by reducing fuel consumption, avoiding idle truck hours, converting data into decisions, rectifying driving style, avoiding fuel theft, and enabling faster dispatch.
  • Vamosys Fuel Technology offers an advanced Russian fuel level sensor with high accuracy and a fuel monitoring application for both Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Choosing the right fuel monitoring system requires considering a wide range of models, tank dimensions, accuracy, and quality.
  • Vamosys provides telematics technology solutions for vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, and complete fleet management, with a return on investment of less than six months.
Fuel Tracking Technology

How does Fuel Tracking Technology Help To Improve Productivity And Efficiency?

1. Avoid Idle Truck Hours

Fleet owners will be wondering why fuel consumption does not get tally with the mileage data? For most of them, the answer would be vehicle idling. 

Vehicle idling has been a significant problem for fleet owners. Why is it happening? Either the driver doesn’t know the seriousness of idling hours or just unwanted idling.

Researchers say approximately 30 million tons of carbon dioxide co2 were released into the air, and we are losing 60 billion gallons of fuel every year. Also, the unwanted idling process increases the vehicle’s maintenance cost and decreases the engine’s lifetime. 

How is the fuel tracking system going to deal with truck idling? Fuel tracking system just not only provides you the detail about the fuel consumption, but it also provides the detailed data on how the fuel is consumed. 

Fuel tracking technology mentions the vehicle’s idle hours with its location if GPS is installed. Therefore, by monitoring the fuel consumption using fuel tracking technology, you can control the unnecessary vehicle idle time on every trip.

2. Convert Data Into Decisions

Is data important?Data are becoming the new raw material of business,” quote by Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft. 

Data really powers everything that we do,” quote by Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. Many experts said many valuable things about data. 

But, how is data going to help in fuel tracking technology? Fuel tracking technology provides you with detailed information on vehicle performance based on fuel data. 

With the help of raw data and fuel tracking technology, you can make better business decisions to reduce fuel wastage, time, and money, increasing the vehicle’s efficiency. 

3. Rectify Driving Style

Driving style is a critical issue to look at. Simple changes in driving behavior have a lot of impact on fuel expenses. Fuel tracking system helps the driver to control the driving behavior in the right way. 

Based on the data, you can lay strategies for drivers by rewarding them for good driving style and saving fuel, which might increase productivity by influencing and motivating most drivers to rectify their own dangerous driving habits like speeding, collision, etc. 

4. Avoiding Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is a global issue. Preventing fuel theft in your organization can reduce a vast amount of fuel expenses. How does fuel tracking technology help to avoid fuel theft? 

Using fuel tracking technology, you will get instant alert notifications if any fuel fill or drain activities occur in the fuel tank. Also, fuel tracking technology shows you the detailed analysis graph on fuel theft with time and location, which helps you to gain more fuel efficiency. 

5. Faster Dispatch

By knowing the complete fuel data of a vehicle, you can plan the goods dispatch according to the vehicle’s fuel level, fuel consumption, and mileage stats. By using fuel tracking technology, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Have a strong definition, why you want to have a fuel tracking technology in your organization? Then choose the best fuel monitoring system for your business. Then how to choose the best fuel monitoring system? Here are some tips, 

Tip 1: Know the wide range of Models.

Tip 2: Consider your Tank Dimensions

Tip 3: Go for Accuracy

Tip 4: Choose the Quality one

How Vamosys Fuel Technology Helps You?

  • Vamosys provides you advanced Russian Fuel Level Sensor 
  • Prevent Fuel Theft.
  • Suitable for both regular and dual fuel tank vehicles.
  • Vamosys fuel sensor provides you 99.5% accuracy.
  • Our Fuel tracking application is available for both Android and iOS Mobile App.
  • Our fuel monitoring generates precise results.
  • Privacy matters to us! Your data is captured and processed in a secured server.
  • Return On Investment from Vamosys Fuel level sensor is less than six months. 

Why do you want to choose Vamosys Fuel Technology? Vamosys mastered the telematics technology solutions for vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, and complete fleet management.

Here is a video on Gopi Transport why they choose Vamosys Fuel Tracking. 

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