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Guardian feature of GPS fleet tracking: Geofence

Most of our clients pursue fleet tracking solutions because they doubt an employee or multiple staff are up to something unprofessional when they are on duty. You might be suspicions of them as well, but without evidence to prove the wrongdoings, it’s not best to approach the employee (es). This is where GPS fleet tracking comes into play. Let us tell you one such situation to support our claim, where, we were directly involved in helping one of our clients to stop the wrongdoings by one of their employees and with evidence.

The first move by our client, when they doubted an employee was wasting his time while on duty. The next move was to track the vehicle driven by the employee, obviously and using the Stop reports data collected by Vamosys solutions, we were able to present the precise stop times to the client. This stop report data by Vamosys has also given the client with the precise time period of the stoppage and location of the vehicle. As a business using Vamosys GPS tracking solutions, you’ll have the perk of setting up landmarks, which mark the addresses where the employee is limited to visit using the company’s vehicle. For instance it could be “Delivery’s location”, or “Employee’s House” or “The Office” or “The godown”.

Say Hello to Vamosys Geofence

Just to be sure, before approaching the employee with evidence in order to fire him, the company set up a geofence surrounding the house. In the installation and demonstration period of the GPS vehicle tracking systems, we at Vamosys make our client is aware of each and every attribute that we have to offer and one such efficient attribute is Geofencing. Using the Vamosys app, one can customize and set up a digital fencing on the map and get instant alerts when a vehicle using Vamosys GPS vehicle tracking system enters/exits the Geofenced zone.

So, the client was able to use the Geofence feature by Vamosys and mark the location of the alcohol retailer, and recorded the frequency of the driver visiting that particular location. With enough evidence in had the employee was called in and discharged of his duties without any arguments, and leaving no room for termination claims and all this thanks to Vamosys Geofence feature.

None will have the time to monitor their staff’s whereabouts constantly. Landmark and Geofence features by Vamosys is the solution to help your business run with honesty, trust and efficiency and eventually reduce and rule out any sort of foul play. Contact Vamosys GPS tracking systems today, and make your business a safer one, for yourself and the ones around your business.

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.

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