Track your driver: No more GPS

Track your driver, no more GPS needed; is this possible? In this workaholic world, there is no time to know someone’s location by calling them 24/7. Today tracking became an essential activity in all aspects, especially while managing a fleet. 

We all know about tracking with a GPS device. A bit costly method. Imagine having a fleet, why do you want to spend money on N number of GPS devices to install in fleet?

Obviously, to keep track of your vehicles and drivers, which aids to expand productivity also maximize your equipment cost. 

Is there a way to track drivers at a lower cost? Vehicle tracking without GPS is possible? Is this an alternate solution for GPS?

The answer is, YES!

Vamosys brought SIM based tracking solution a feature in the FleetOS application to solve your costly way of tracking. 

What is SIM based tracking?

SIM-based tracking or SIM consent is a robust and accurate way of tracking system helps you to locate the exact position of the cellular network without using a GPS device or without making a call. SIM-based tracking works the same as tracking with GPS devices. It helps to reduce fuel wastage, improve maintenance practices, and make your work easier and cost-effective.

We can say sim based tracking is something more than GPS device tracking. Sim consent can fill the places where GPS can not go. Let’s make it simple for better understanding. Imagine you need to acquire a temporary vehicle for a limited period to carry your goods. If you want to make sure your goods are safe and traveling on the right route, will you install a GPS device in that temporary vehicle?

5 Reasons Why do you need SIM-based Tracking?

1. It Works the Same as GPS Devices

GPS has made a significant impact on all positioning and navigation applications. SIM-based tracking is an alternative to GPS tracking which works the same as GPS devices, it helps to locate assets faster whether in the city or out of the city, and the exact area where your asset is travelling as mobile networks cover the entire landscape.

2. Save your Fuel, Increase Efficiency

By locating and tracking your asset, you can manage your vehicle fuel usage by optimizing the route, also you can increase the efficiency of the vehicle. 

The best route saves fuel, you can track the location of your asset and guide the driver if they are in a wrong route or if the driver tends to make a long travel.

3. Make Your Work Easier

SIM-based tracking makes the user work easier without wasting time on installing a GPS device. With the SIM consent method, the user can track the vehicle just with a mobile phone, even with a basic mobile phone this SIM consent can be done.

With SIM based tracking a user can avoid GPS device maintenance. Technical issues can occur in GPS devices, if any damages happen to GPS devices, the user needs to replace or repair those devices again which leads to spending expenses.  

4. Stop Idling, Increase Productivity

SIM based tracking provides you the accurate location of the asset, which helps you to cut down idling time and increase the productivity hours, you can able to track the location from your office if a vehicle is stopped for a long period. You can immediately address the situation by contacting the driver, figure out what’s happening, and help them to move again as soon as possible. 

5. Cost-Effective

Cost-effective is a form of returning a benefit that justifies the investment. SIM consent solution is a cost-effective method of tracking, It helps to save our money in 3 different ways. The question is HOW?

(a) No GPS Tracker Needed

No need to install any GPS device hardware to track your asset. By using SIM-based tracking you can avoid device cost and installation cost in an organization, which helps you to save money.

(b) Any phone, Any operator

This SIM-based tracking application supports all type of mobile phones. Even basic mobile phones work with SIM baked tracking. This solution also supports all the telecom operators in India.

By using basic mobile phones or any telecom operators which is affordable may help you to reduce your operational costs in your organization

(c) Pay When You Use

The charges are prepaid and you can pay for the day when the service is used. No need for annual or quarterly term payments like previously used for GPS Vehicle tracking solution even if services are not used.

How to access SIM based tracking solution in FleetOS 

SIM-based tracking solution works with the aid of a driver’s mobile phone it can be basic or smartphones. 

  1. Login to FleetOS application.
  2. Start your SIM consent solution by entering the driver’s mobile number.
  3. The driver needs to accept the tracking request message from the telecom provider. 
  4. Once accepted, goods supplier or fleet owner can start tracking the goods for every 1 hour/2 hour as per requirement.
  5. The tracking data will be stored and viewed in the FleetOS application.

Track your vehicle or asset in real-time using our SIM based tracking solution in the FleetOS application. Basic tracking requirements for logistics are fulfilled with this SIM based tracking solution, then why you need GPS?

Think about it!

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