Fleet Dashcams For Commercial and Domestic Vehicles: The Video Telematics


The blog discusses fleet dashcams and video telematics, which are used in commercial and domestic vehicles to monitor and record driver behavior and road incidents. Dashcams are small video camera devices that use video telematics technology, and video telematics combines analytical fleet telecommunication processes with video camera devices. The purpose of video telematics is to provide live visuals of the vehicles, cargo, and driver behavior, and its benefits include collecting evidence, saving your business, monitoring driver behavior, and claiming insurance benefits. Dashcams help to improve driving behavior, prevent theft, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing visibility. In-built GPS dashcams save video footage on an SD card and in cloud storage, and basic dashcams record footage onto an SD card and delete footage automatically when storage limit is reached.

- Explore fleet cameras features to save your vehicle’s video evidence.

Video telematics sounds exciting, right? However, we came across two different terms; what is the difference between video telematics and dashcam? Dashcams are devices that use video telematics technology. On the other hand, video telematics is a technology that combines the analytical fleet telecommunication processes with video camera devices.

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What Is A Fleet Dashcam?

Dashboard cameras or dashcams are small video camera devices installed in the windscreen of a vehicle to monitor and record driver behavior and road incidents all over a trip. These dashcams have many names between common people like driving video recorder, driver video recorder, event data recorder (EDR), car video recorder, etc.

How Do The Dashcams Works?

As we said, earlier dashcams are video telematics devices; those small video camera devices are attached to the vehicle’s windshield or dashboard. There are different types of dashcams that have multiple cameras fixed in it. 

These dashcams automatically record the video whenever your vehicle ignition is ON or if any vibration occurs (Incident recording) in the vehicle even the ignition is OFF; also,  you will get 24*7 only live streaming of the dashboard camera in any state of the ignition. These cameras work directly with the vehicle’s battery. 

There are different types of dash cameras, either it has in-built GPS features or without GPS devices. What is the difference between in-built GPS dash cameras and basic dash cameras without GPS devices? 

A basic dash camera device records the vehicle’s video and stores the footage into the SD card installed in the dashcam. This basic dashcam’s storage process works with the condition of deleting the video footage automatically once it reaches the storage limit. But, it never stops recording the videos until you take the step to stop or it gets any damages.

But in an in-built GPS dashcam, the storage process will be different. These advanced dashcams save the video footage on an SD card and in cloud storage. So that you won’t miss any evidence of your vehicle, also, these advanced dashcams help you to view the live streaming of the camera and provides you the option to locate the vehicle.

What Is The Actual Purpose Of Video Telematics?

Let us know how video telematics was born, and that is where the actual purpose of video telematics is hidden. The main problem faced by the logistics and the transportation sector was visibility; we need to agree with it. So often, logistics owners or fleet managers wonder where my vehicles are? That is how telematics came in. But is that enough? No! 

The logistics sector wanted even more. After knowing the location of the vehicle, they wanted to know whether my vehicle is parked or moving? If it is moving, at what speed is my vehicle moving? Likewise, the logistics industry arose with the need for live visuals of the vehicles, cargo, and driver behavior, and that is how the video telematics entered into this game, said Mr. Prasanna.K.Ram CEO of VAMOSYS Pvt. Ltd. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dashcam?

Why are dashcams becoming popular in the logistics sector? Why do you want to purchase a dashcam? Because dashcams are worth serving their purpose, how? Here are some advantages of dashcam which says why you want to buy one for your business.

1. Collect Your Evidence

Having dashcams in your fleet vehicles helps you in many ways by collecting and storing the evidence. But, in which places these evidence will be used? 

Being a fleet owner or fleet manager, you may go through many fiction stories from your drivers daily on any accidents, fuel consumption, idle hours, etc. These incidents can be tackled by collecting evidence. 

Even drivers can tackle fake allegations over any accidents on roads. Often Fleet managers and owners are blamed for providing low salaries to the drivers, but now these issues are taken care of by dashcams. 

These dashcams are consist of a road view camera, cabin view camera, and external rearview camera, which records the complete trip automatically when the ignition or any vibration occurs to the vehicle. 

2. Save Your Business

From the start to the end of your logistics operation, what is considered as the core functionality? The main target of the fleet operation is customer satisfaction. The only way to gain customer satisfaction is by providing visibility. 

How are dashcams going to help your business with this visibility? Dashcams provides you the complete live streaming of your vehicle 24*7 and records the video whenever the ignition is ON or if any vibration occurs in the vehicle, i.e., if any glass break or vehicle crash happens automatically dashcam starts to record the video in the ignition OFF state. 

The external camera of the dashcam can be used to view the rear view of the road or helps you to monitor the cargo placed in the trucks. Get a clear view of every incident, and you prevent theft, which helps you to save the business. 

3. Monitor Your Driver Behavior

Dashcam helps to improve the driving behavior of your fleet drivers by Strengthening the driver behavioral and safety program. 

Advanced dashcam solution provides you an option of alerting the drivers. These alerts are given automatically by the drivers by monitoring their driving behavior. Here are some alerts are given by the dashcam. 

  • Fatigue Alert
  • No Face Detected Alert
  • Distraction Alert
  • Closed Eyes Alert
  • Yawning Alert
  • Smoking Alert
  • Phone Usage Alert, etc.

By using these video recordings and alerts, you can improve driving skills by training drivers, and you can able to avoid accidents & risky driving behavior on roads. 

4. Claim Your Insurance Benefits

Will claiming insurance become favorable for dashcam users? Yes! Insurance frauds are made frequently, and drivers are becoming easy targets, even if they are the victim. The video evidence of the dashcam will help you to experience the complete insurance benefits. 

So, the video of the dashcam is too handy if you want to submit the footage to the police or insurer. Dashcams can able to record and store videos in SD cards and HQ quality video in cloud storage. 

Also, if you want to claim the insurance amount, avoid fake and false allegations, avoid fraudulent accident claims. Before getting to the insurer, make sure if it is your driver’s fault or not to experience the complete insurance benefits.

5. Get Complete Visibility

Visibility is the most spoken topic in the logistics sector. How is this visibility factor achieved in fleet management with the help of a dashcam?

  • Dashcam helps you to protect your vehicles and drivers by monitoring their behavior. 
  • Record and store fleet normal quality videos and HD quality videos in both SD card and cloud storage. 
  • Access the recorded video anytime and anywhere you want. 
  • Not only videos also, get your fleet insights with the help of  Vamosys dashcam.
  • With the help of an external camera, you can monitor cargo or have a complete rear view of the road over the trip. 
  • Have 24*7 live streaming of the vehicle dashboard camera even if your vehicle is parked. 
  • Provide automatic alerts to your drivers if any distracted driving behavior is captured in the dashcam. 

Who Can Make Use Of Dashcams?

We know it is a typical question, but most people have this question in their minds. Can I make use of this dashcam for domestic purposes? Yes! The dashcam is for both domestic and commercial purposes. But, mainly dashcams are used for heavy vehicles and commercial vehicles to monitor driver behavior and record evidence if any unfortunate accident occurs. 

Tip: Use advanced dashcams with in-built GPS for commercial purposes. 

Where Do You Get One?

The market is filled with enormous varieties of dashcams and in many countries, dashcams are considered to be illegal. How about India? Dashcams are not unlawful in India, and there is no specific law for dashcams in India even though we have our self-definition and regulation to use dashcams.

Vamosys is a telematics provider company; who provides a complete fleet management system, fuel monitoring system, GPS Vehicle tracking system with software, and now introducing you a smart technology Video Telematics in the GPSVTS platform,  which provides the perfect solution for your visibility problem by limiting the interference in your privacy.  

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