What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking also known as asset management, is method to keep track on all of your physical assets. This type of tracking is usually done on the basis of scanning barcodes with attached labels or using RFID or GPS tags which transmit the location of the designated asset. Tracking your asset is equally important to that of supervising your inventory. That is because, knowing the maintenance schedule, location, status and several other important aspects of your valuable assets can help in securing and prevention of damage to your assets.

1.You deserve better

It is pretty obvious that your organisation deserves asset tracking because as owner of large number of assets you Aim to minimize costs and maximize profits. Below are the 6 reasons why one should invest in asset tracking.

GPS positioning and Asset recovery simplified

As a owner of large number of assets, you are prone to misplacing, theft or losing an asset and tracking it down could cost you invaluable time and other expensive sources. Asset tracking helps you in minimising such risks, since you’ll have a constant track on your assets, from anywhere, anytime.

2.Smart Budgeting

Asset tracking solutions help you in allocating your budgets at the right place at the right time. Factors such as on-demand statistical data are perks in asset tracking solutions which come in handy for better analysis. Such accurate analysis can help you in allocating your budget responsibly and meaningfully.

3.Enhanced services for your customers.

Customers expect and deserve the best from their investment. With asset tracking you’ll not only be able to track their assets but also increase the efficiency of their product by means of quick and responsible delivery.

4. Asset Management in Real Time.

Track second by second movement of your asset with accurate destination updates with ease in real time. Knowing the accurate movement of your assets help in managing and analysing your data to bring the best out of your company.

5.Increased productivity.

Applications based on asset tracking help you to track various items passing through several departments. Thus, helping you to calculate the lifecycle of your asset. Assets with RFID tags make scanning automatic as they pass through various stages of their lifecycle, Thereby reducing the dependency on manual counting/tracking. Hence by saving time in doing so, the productivity of your company will only multiply.

6.Efficient maintenance schedule.

Often times, maintenance works can fall behind the schedule and for firms with no time to waste this can be an anchor for them in moving forward. Usually, this is due to the manual technique involved in scheduling and tracking the maintenance proceedings. Asset tracking is your lifeline in dealing with this issue. An asset tracking software will be on the lookout and alert the concerned personnel, thus eliminating delays.

7.Peace of mind.

As manual tracking your assets can be stressful and time consuming, one thing can be guaranteed with investing in asset tracking, is reduced stress. Knowing your assets are under your watchful eyes with complete track over them, a peace of mind is more than a possibility. With reduced mental and physical demand of your body, you can forget those sleepless nights before investing in asset tracking.

Go for it!

In the western corporate world, asset tracking has been around for a while and has resulted in major boost in their profits. In the eastern front the investment in asset tracking solutions continues to raise, this is due to the extremely profitable outcomes. Increase in savings and profits can be seen within months time of your investment in asset tracking solutions. So, why wait?

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