Is someone Tracking Your Mobile Without Your Knowledge?

Most of us use smartphones in this millennial generation! Obviously, we will be various apps from google maps, Ola, Zomato, online ticket booking apps, WhatsApp, social media apps and the list goes on.

Do you have any strange feeling like someone tracking you? 

1. You would have visited Nike online store, you get ads on Facebook!

2.Along with your friends, you had discussed movies in WhatsApp that would have been reflected while browsing Youtube!

Have you come across such situations in your life? If so, you want to know things that are happening in your in smartphone and how to avoid such tracking in future.

Let’s discuss in detail!

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Ways of Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking will be done either if you want to track your phone or someone will be tracking your phone. Let’s analyse these scenarios in detail.

1. You Tracking Your Phone

In case if you lost your mobile or misplaced your mobile phones, you will be keen to track your own phone, where you placed or lost mobile phones.

To find the mobile phones, there are various ways, if it is an android phone you can search your phone on and if it is an iPhone, search on

So, in this case, you are the person tracking your own with the aid of technology

2. Someone Tracking Your Phone

If someone tracking your phone means, it is not direct tracking like you did to find your lost or strangers tracking your movement.

It is technology and data is being tracked on your phone. Like I said earlier, all your searches, page visits, browsing history, travel history, your personal interests, places visit like this all data is being tracked via your smartphone. 

You may not aware of these things that are happening in your smartphones, because these tracking and monitoring activities take place at the backend of your mobile phone and you don’t no clue what’s happening on your phone.

Now, after reading this, would you like to know, how to identify if anyone is tracking my mobile phone?

We discuss elaborately on one can identify Mobile tracking happening in Smartphone.

How to Identify Someone is Tracking Your Phone

There is no standard method to identify your phone is being tracked. You need to understand based on some activities that are taking place on your mobile phone.

Here I am listing 5 signs to conclude your phone is being tracked.

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1. Increase in Mobile Data Usage

Internet is inevitable and unavoidable since the Jio revolution on data price reduction.

Most of us, always keep our mobile data on, to use Whatsapp messages, internet calling, online meetings, online games and so on.

We never know, how much data is being used real-time, as we run multiple apps simultaneously!

Suddenly you will get a message from your telecom provider, 80% of daily usage data limit is completed. 

You will be wondering, I didn’t download any file or videos, who would have used my data?

The thing is, the tracker is utilising all your data for file transferring!

So, if you ever feel, there is a surge in data usage, then your phone is being tracked by someone.

2. Increase in Battery Usage

While buying a mobile phone we used to check what is the battery capacity. whether it is 4000 mAh, 5000 mAh or 6000 mAh?

But while using the phone, we never check the battery draining.

In general, mobile phones charges withstand for one day, but as charge drains quickly, we assume there is some problem with the mobile phone, so we start thinking of changing new phone!

Basically, we never crosscheck, we believe what is unreal! Your battery may be fine, because of someone tracking or a lot of activity taking place at the backend of the phone makes drain your battery.

If at all, you face a similar situation once again, then your phone is being tracked by another person using apps. So, this is the second sign of your phone is being tracked.

3. Phone Getting Heated Up

Unusual heating up of your smartphone is another sign for mobile being tracked.

Basically, when we use mobile data or wifi for surfing our smartphones gets heated up. We assume internet usage would have caused our phone heat.

But you need to be cautious, it could be heated when you are not using your phone internet, the apps that are running at the backend may use data and because of this your phone is getting heated up.

So, next time, you have a similar situation, then its time to examine your phone who is tracking your phone.

4. Sudden Screen Activity

Your phone blinks when you get a message on WhatsApp or any notification from Facebook, Instagram, google news or any app notification updates.

There are occurrences where your phone screen blinks without anyone of the reasons mentioned above!

Till now, you would not consider such activity as an uncommon activity, as we get more updates and notifications on our mobile phones in a day to day activity.

But in any case, if you find any sudden screen activity without any notification, then there is a clear chance that someone is tracking your phone.

Warning: Check now, I think your phone blinks!!

5. Screenshot and Recording

We used to screenshot and record a few activities for personal and professional purposes! You do these activities on your own consciousness!!

What if, someone is taking screenshots and recording of your messages and phone calls without your conscience!!

Yes, there are chances to take screenshot and record on your phone, if you find any screenshot images or phone recordings on your phone that are not done by you, it is also one of the signs for tracking your phone!

Note: Please don’t take this section as a screenshot and share it to others!

Now I have mentioned 5 signs on how someone can track your mobile phones!!

The next question that strikes while your reading is how to overcome these scenarios and avoid being tracked by someone!

How to clean Phone, If You have been Tracked?

The truth is “You are not tracked by someone without your consent”! It is because of your unawareness and take it easy attitude.

The things I am listing below to avoid tracking of your phone is most of them are known, but you don’t practice and follow in your life.

1. Install anti-virus app on your phone

online poll anti virus installs

In an online poll conducted by tech expert, it is found that more than 50% of the users have not installed any anti-virus on their mobile phones!

Most of them commented, it has no use and many feel that the iPhone is more secured and I don’t need anti-virus app.

Even iPhone users (3%) installed anti-virus apps on their phone to double safety to protect their phone from outsiders and to prevent mobile tracking.

Wait, are you searching for new anti-virus app now!! (Please share the link for me also!!)

2. Reset Your Passwords

Develop a habit of resetting your passwords for bank apps, social media apps, emails and other important apps that you feel need to be secured.

Periodic updation of your passwords would protect you from tracking your phone.

Question: How many times, have you changed your Facebook password?

3. Uninstall Unused and Auto-installed Apps

Keep an eye on the apps that are auto-installed when you installed some other app and the apps that you are not using for a long time.

These apps may harm you in long run! Especially the app that got auto-installed without your knowledge is more harm.

4. Avoid Spam Email

At the beginning of the suggestion itself, I said, most of the safety precautions are known, it is because of your attention less attitude brings harm.

You would be reading blogs, watching youtube videos, friends, colleagues would advise, from now, I also repeat the same thing, don’t open spam emails or email from unknown contact!

Alert!: Include in your contact list, I am not spamming my friend!!

The generation Z will be more dependent on data and they want to know every detail of yours for better planning and predictions. 

If you don’t want to be tracked and get data from your phone, you need to more conscious and avoid certain aspects as mentioned!

Technology advancement is always for the betterment of life!! So just chill, We are a trucking company, but we track only vehicles not phones!!

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