Advanced truck tracking and fleet management solutions

Complete solution to digitalise the enitire fleet operation by using Driver DRS application.


Manage vehicles, drivers, trip and consignment with FleetOS ecosystem.

Our FleetOS – Fleet management software application helps you to manage all the fleet operation requirements of a trucking fleet. It helps to automate the process of trip creation, driver management, vehicle health management and essential documents are stored digitally on FleetOS. The driver DRS app brings driver into digitalisation process on our FleetOS fleet management ecosystem.

Key Benefits:

Driver Communication

Driver is the key player in logistics network

Now we are bringing driver into the digitalisation process of fleet operation. All status updates, documents sharing, trip related communication are done using the DRS app on FleetOS ecosystem.

Driver is the key players
Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction with accurate ETAs

Customers will have greater visibility on the vehicle movement with the aid of GPS devices / SIM Tracking / Driver app on FleetOS application and get the accurate ETAs.

Truck Tracking

Secure your vehicle and consigments

Fleet operator can access the location of the truck and secure the assets on the vehicle with precise vehicle tracking solution on FleetOS application.

Improve driver performance
Vehicle Safety

Improve driver performance and reduce vehicle maintenance

With our vehicle health monitoring solution get details of vehicle health, driver driving behaviour and plan for preventive maintenace and train the drivers to imporve the safety standards.

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