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  • 15 Email Account
  • FastTag Management
  • Trips management
  • Expenses Management
  • Driver Management
  • ePOD, eBILLS etc
  • Service Reminders
  • Standard VTS Integration
  • 3PL View (addon)
  • Tracking without GPS (addon)

Derive Efficiency

350 / month
  • Benefits of Friends+
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Trip P&L
  • Driver Incentive customizations
  • Checklist customizations
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Custom VTS Integration
  • Work flows
  • 3PL View
  • Tracking Without GPS (addon)

Focus Growth

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  • Benefits of LiveIn+
  • Driver Relay Service
  • Routes optimizations
  • Marketplace integration
  • Custom domain
  • Driver Ratings
  • Routing & Dispatch Integration
  • Driver Coaching
  • Driver Safety reporting
  • ADAS


Who needs FleetOS?

Whether you are handling 1 truck or 1000+ trucks, the FleetOS application is applicable to all fleet handlers, cater to their needs.

When you should use FleetOS?

The moment you purchased a truck or into logistics business, FleetOS application will be required to manage your fleet hassle-free.

Does FleetOS use GPS devices for monitoring?

As such FleetOS doesn’t use GPS devices for tracking purposes, for accurate tracking GPS devices can be integrated to monitor vehicle live, ETA and fuel monitoring.

How can I communicate with the driver?

We have developed an innovative “action-oriented communication” to establish the communication with driver using our driver. application

What driver information is required in the centralised driver management system?

The basic information required in the centralised driver management system is the license details.

How does FleetOS integrate my financial transaction cards?

We have developed our own fleet card that can be integrated with FleetOS and you can migrate yourself from existing fleet card to ours.

Does FleetOS application is secure?

Yes, we have secured star rated servers and follow the industry standard in maintaining the records.


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