SIM Based Tracking solution- Perfect Tracking Solution for Hired / Market Vehicles


SIM based tracking solution, know-how? logistics, transportation industries are known for complex operations. Managing those complex operations is a challenging task and vehicle tracking became one of the essential tasks in these industries.

Are you looking for tracking solutions for your ad-hoc vehicles? Don’t you have time to install a GPS device to track a vehicle, which carries your asset? Want to track your assets without the aid of GPS devices?

Are you wondering answers to these thoughts? let your thoughts fade away. You are in the right place to know about a feature called SIM based tracking solution.

When we say tracking, what comes to our mind? definitely, It’s a GPS device. Tracking with GPS devices is a wide known vehicle-tracking method. Tracking can be done in several methods like using GPS devices, even without using a GPS device.

Here, SIM based tracking solution is one of the vehicle-tracking methods without using a GPS device. A simple, affordable method to track.

Which business can make use of SIM based tracking solution?

The idea behind the SIM based tracking solution in FleetOS is to provide the vehicle tracking system facility for all types of business without turning your operational cost too expensive.

SIM based tracking solution was mainly adapted by the organizations which use hired or market vehicles. For example, manufacturers, one who handles and transports the goods / raw materials requires SIM-based tracking solution. Tracking consignments or goods is the area where SIM-based tracking has been widely used. 

Why do you need SIM based tracking solution?

SIM based tracking solution address the many issues faced by organizations that are willing to track assets in a simplified and cost-effective way. 

For example, if a business that depends on transportation with asset tracking can make the operational cost too expensive with a GPS device, With SIM based tracking solution organization can instantly start tracking with the simple process of using the driver’s mobile phone to track the vehicle, or any tracking needs to be done for temporary or ad hoc vehicles. In these cases, SIM-based tracking can help an organization by lowering the operational cost without impacting productivity.

SIM based tracking architecture 

Components Required for SIM-based tracking solution

SIM-based tracking system need two things

  1. A mobile phone with an active SIM card in the driver’s hands.
  1. An application (FleetOS) on the management side to track the vehicle.

How does SIM-based tracking solution work with FleetOS?

Step 1: Setup

Upload and register the number to be tracked in the application (FleetOS).

Step 2: Request for tracking

Request the registered mobile number to permit the management to track their SIM via the application (FleetOS).

Step 3: Accept and confirm 

The driver needs to accept and confirm the request message by the application (FeeltOS).

Step 4: Ping

Ping the target mobile number, which was registered in the application to check the location.

Ping activity is an automatic process, For example, every 1 hour, the application automatically triggers itself to ping the target mobile number. You can customize the time interval according to your needs by converting it to hours to minutes or vice versa.

Step 5: Location as a result 

Whenever a message is being triggered to the target number from the application (FleetOs), the cell towers listen for a signal sent to the phone and select the tower which is best and near to communicate with the phone. As the phone changes location, the towers monitor the signal.

The device passes the captured location of the tower to the server and is displayed in the application (FleetOS).

Features of SIM based tracking solution

There are multiple options available in the market, why do you want to select FleetOS? Here are some essential features of SIM-based tracking by FleetOS, which makes the best product. 

1. Track your vehicle just using a SIM

Track your vehicle location just using an active sim card in a mobile phone by pinging.

2. Smartphones are not needed

SIM-based tracking application works with all types of mobile phones. There is no need for high budget cell phones. 

3. You don’t have to pay without using

Work with the application whenever you want, just pay for the days you used the application.

4. Say no to hardware expenses

Installation of a GPS device or any other hardware components for SIM-based tracking is not required. 

5. Customize time-interval

Ping your target mobile number automatically, for every 1hour, or customize the time-intervals to ping the targeted mobile number according to your needs. 

6. Select your favorite SIM card operator

FleetOS application will support every SIM card from different telecom companies. 

7. Share your Reports

Location, timing, and every detail captured by the FleetOS applications can be easily accessed or shared from the application at any time.

8. Track n number of vehicles at a time

You can track n number of vehicles from the application at the same time by registering in the FleetOS application. 

SIM based tracking solution will generate a report, where time and location are embedded together for each of your assets registered in the FleetOS application. SIM based tracking solution is the simplest method of tracking with a good level of accuracy.

SIM based tracking solution is widely used to track vehicle which lasts for a limited time period i.e, short term vehicles. By using this method we can assure that it will minimize your operational and communicational cost. 

We included SIM based tracking solution in the FleetOS application to show helping hands to every type of business, from small to large scale industries. Our idea is to make effective changes in the fleet management industry.

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