Top 6 reasons to invest in Dashcam

The need and usage of the vehicle dashcam are increasing day by day as it brings more benefits and safety to both vehicles and drivers.

The dashcam is simply mounted on the vehicle windshield to capture the road view and cabin view, the video footage can be streamed live using the software application at the same time it will be stored on the local SD memory card.

The dashcam is widely used across the globe as it offers various benefits to vehicle owners and fleet operators in the logistics industry. With a dashcam, the vehicle owner can monitor the driver’s behaviour, driving pattern, hit and run case, accident footage. The video footage can be used as proof of evidence by police, law officials, insurance companies.

As stated above the benefits list goes deeper and we provide detailed insights on the top 6 reasons to invest in dashcams by fleet operators and vehicle owners.

1. Accident Footages

The prime reason to install the dashcam on a vehicle is to record the vehicle crashes or any other road accidents that occurred on the roads. The dashcam footage of the crash incident will act as proof of evidence before the law to prove the driver’s innocence (if he is not the actual reason for the accident).

In a similar way, the video footage can be used for insurance claims from insurance companies. Most of the time the insurance companies may not provide the claims raised by the vehicle owner and blame the drivers and delay the claims till they get the reports from the law officials. But with dashcam footage will speed up the process to claim the amount from insurance companies.

Finally, if any accidents occur on Indian roads and the truck / trailer involved in the accident, by default, everyone will blame the driver as a reason for the cause of accidents and transporters are affected because of such scenarios. To overcome this, the dashcam is the best solution for all the logistics companies and truck drivers in India.

2. Driver Monitoring

Another vital reason to install the dashcam on vehicles by the fleet owners is to monitor the driver behaviour. Earlier it was difficult to identify the undisciplined drivers and because of this, the fleet owners face more risk factors coupled with safety issues.

At times reckless driving will not only risk the lives of the drivers it will also affect the lifes of the persons on the roads and if it is passenger vehicle, lifes of passengers are in danger. Now with the aid of dashcam the fleet operators can identify the bad behaviour of the drivers using the video footage from the dashcam, also it will act as proof to improve the safety of the driver.

Using the dashcam the fleet owners can identify the driver behaviour under various situations, say for example, if the driver has drunk and the driver involved in driving can be monitored and alerted. Likewise, using the ADAS technology, the fleet operator can alert the driver under different circumstances such as eating, drowsiness, smoking etc.

In that way, the dashcam brings the safety of the lives first and along with that it also ensures vehicle and consignment safety.

3. Improved Road Safety

On reading this the vehicle owner shouldn’t mislead, the dashcam will bring and improve road safety in the long haul, just installing the dashcam won’t improve road safety. 

Let me elaborate on how installing a dashcam improves road safety?

With the dashcam footage, the driver himself can see the driving style and pattern he/she has done during the trip, if it is the logistics industry then fleet managers can show the footage to the drivers about their driving skill and pattern.

By this, the driver can understand where the mistake takes place and the scope of improvement with improved safety of life and vehicle.

In that way, the driver will improve the driving behaviour if it is own vehicle (on his own) or if it is a logistics vehicle (fleet manager will ensure to watch the dashcam recordings), which will overall lead to improved road safety.

Now to sum up the dashcam improves road safety.

4. Insurance Fraud Prevention

Insurance fraud is one of the major problems in the current generation, especially in vehicle and road-related insurance claims. These fraudulent activities have a great impact on the insurance companies which in turn affects the genuine drivers and their insurance claims.

Say for example, some drivers wanted to commit the accident and put the blame on the opposite party to get some from him. The driver with minor injuries gets money and at the same time try to claim the insurance for the vehicle from insurance companies.

Such incidents are occurring more frequently and there are a certain group of people who work intentionally to get the insurance claims of the vehicle. Because there is no lack of evidence and the opposite party will be innocent who don’t want to indulge in law stream to avoid this they will give money and move away from the situation.

Insurance companies are facing a lot of issues in accidental claims and they have no clue on how to regulate the insurance frauds happening on the vehicle.

Most of the time, the insurance company and traffic official depend upon the CCTV camera footage on the incident spot, what if there is no CCTV or the footage from CCTV is not conclusive. In such scenarios dashcam will be a good bet as it captures the incident in the best of its view from road view (from the vehicle) and at the same time captures the happenings of the driver using the cabin view camera.

The dashcam footage can be used as proof of evidence for both insurance claims and traffic officials (those who deal on the legal front).

5. Hit and Run Parking Accidents can be Identified

The vehicle parked on the parking lot can be nightmares to the vehicle owners and fleet operators, there will be some beginners in the vehicle driving and they will hit and run or create scratches on the vehicles. If your beloved car or truck was hit by some mischievous driving would hurt more for the vehicle owners.

The next aspect is vandalism, there are people who involve in vandalism by breaking the vehicle and take the cost assets placed on the vehicle, especially on the luxury cars and vehicles. This kind of act damage the vehicle and loss to the property.

In order to overcome such situations, the vehicle owners need to install the dashcam on the vehicle. The dashcam will record 24×7 or any incident that occur on the vehicle it will start recording the incidents happening around the vehicle. Depending upon the requirement the setting can be set on the dashcam software application.

By installing the dashcam the vehicle owner will get peace of mind as they can access the live video footages of the vehicle using laptops or smartphones from web or mobile applications.

6. Record Entire Trip (For Road Travellers)

The purpose of installing a dashcam is crucial in case you are keen on-road travel and also you constantly go together with your family on occasional journeys. Do you need to show your road travel experience into an unforgettable adventure that you could see again and again again, each time nostalgia kicks in?

If so, then a vehicle dashcam is honestly an incredible device to help you turn your travel experience great into an incredible revel in and a reminiscence you’ll cherish over the years.

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