RFID Tracking Solution

RFID School Bus Counting System

Advantages of RFID School bus Counting Systems

Real Time Tracking

Bus route discovery & stops marking, instant SMS alerts through mobile app notification to students/parents/employees on arrival & departure of bus at the respective bus stops, route deviation alerts etc.

Integrated Cameras

Our GPS tracking system for school bus capture images inside the vehicle for every 60 seconds and its time of arrival as well as instantaneous real-time alerts from the school in terms of delay or other bus maintenance issues.

Driver Behaviour Monitor

With Vamosys School Bus Solutions, get instant notification and SMS alerts in case of rash driving, sudden braking and overspeeding by the driver.

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About RFID School Bus Counting System

Monitor Headcount of entering and exiting populus from a vehicle. Designed especially for school buses, our RFID school bus attendance counting system keeps a close eye on boarding and deboarding of your child.

Each bus in the fleet can be installed with our RFID counting system to count the number of students and staff boarding and deboarding the bus at a respective designated stop. This will help in analyzing whether the Shuttle or the Bus was handled properly by the driver and his assistant on board, which will increase the efficiency of the organisation and most importantly reduce the security concern of the children.

With our RFID attendance system, you get to keep a complete track of your child’s boarding and deboarding activity and get customized notifications instantly. Concerned personnel can also track the school bus using iOS / Android Apps or simply just receive SMS notification in just 4-8 minutes before the bus reaches their designated destination.

Our applications are designed specifically to perform with a high level of efficiency and accuracy in order to help you to keep a track on the school buses in real time. Our development team is always on their toes to keep the operations running accurately and ready to be provided on demand in real time.

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