The Challenge – Downtime Management

Mettur Super Services is a service provider based in Mettur, Tamil Nadu, with an expertise in transport, passenger and parcel services. Leading the transport industry across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for more than 25 years, their aim is to exceed their past achievements and expand their horizons to the newest routes in and around the nearby states and various places in South India. However, the primary function of the business, i.e. the continuous movement of vehicles and cargo demanded a highly efficient system of fleet and downtime management. All credits go to the Vamosys advanced fleet management technology; MSS now can escalate its vehicles’ usage and effectively communicate with drivers; keeping them engaged to ensure faster deliveries. Moreover, their vehicles’ overall well-being was enhanced due to the accurate mileage and health reports and instant notifications of over-speeding, idling and servicing and maintenance alerts. 

This transport and passenger specialist has a fleet of over 40 buses operating to multiple destinations and has served more than 20 million passengers. Their packages and parcel services have handled a transit of more than 400 tons. Prior to the implementation of Vamosys GPS Tracking System, MSS faced difficulties in managing downtime through

  • Complexities in ascertaining, identifying and tracking the exact location of their transport vehicles
  • Proper Route analysis – identification of the right direction to reach the desired destination quickly and safely
  • Measuring vehicle utilization; on-duty and off-duty status
  • Detection of bad driving like over-speeding, high acceleration, hard brakes etc.
  • Frequent vehicle maintenance and repairs due to excessive breakdowns of engines, brakes and tires
  • Keeping historical records of vehicles for current or future references; to resolve issues.
  • Tracking off time and real-time location of drivers and communicating with them

These challenges led to the delay in delivery/service, customers’ dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and increased costs etc.

Hence, MSS was looking for a unique way to reduce their planned and unplanned vehicle and driver downtime.

The Solution – User-friendly Cellular Connected Telematics System

Certainly, the elucidation which MSS was looking out for, could be none other than an easy to use efficient Telematics solution to meet the tough challenges of downtime management. A system, which could reveal exactly the vehicles’ and drivers’ precise location, expected time of arrival, off and on duty status and also make the journey safer.

Undoubtedly, there could not be a better choice for the client than implementing the Vamosys Advanced Vehicle Monitoring Solution, offering GPS tracking systems with the latest technology; powered by IoT. The reason being the authenticity, reliability and affordability of the Vamosys GPS Fleet Management System; including the GPSVTS Software, the GPS Tracking devices and round the clock customer service.

Vamosys excelled in boosting MSS’s productivity through the provision of:

  • Geofencing, Route Optimization and Route Deviation notifications and Accurate Trip Recording Reports
  • Live Tracking – Instant Vehicle Position Information in Real Time
  • Engine Control – Ignition, Over speeding, Stoppage and Cumulative Idling Reports
  • Predictive Maintenance and Repair Alerts
  • History Log – Vehicle’s Weekly or Monthly Activity Data for appropriate utilization.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring – Detailed Activity Reports, Instant Alerts via SMS/Email/App and effective communication between fleet managers and drivers.

Currently with Vamosys’s cutting edge technology, MSS’s Fleet Managers can manage all their fleet of vehicles and drivers anytime, anywhere, even with the palm of their hand!

Easy and transparent tracking of vehicles and driver status enabled them to keep their fleet moving and the drivers engaged, thereby dispatching the nearest vehicle for delivery of their service or goods. Also, the driver’s activity – reaching out to the correct delivery address or not, drunken driving, sitting idle on duty timings, etc. could be identified and monitored.

The Results - Minimized Unplanned Downtime; Productivity and Efficiency Maximized.

Thus, the right decision made by MSS’s Senior Management in involving Vamosys as their Telematics solution partner resulted in impressive outcomes. The high vehicle and driver engagement rate increased rapidly. In not less than only three months of deploying the incredible Vamosys  GPS Tracking technology, the customer’s primary objective of efficient downtime management was achieved. Vehicle breakdown decreased and the consequences of improper driving performance lessened considerably.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs through preventative vehicle maintenance alerts, health and mileage reports.
  • Huge cut down on fuel costs through diligent monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Creation of customized reports – on demand
  • Dedicated customer service -24/7
  • Unswerving and comprehensive connectivity
  • User Interface – Intuitive and user-friendly Web Platform and Mobile App
  • Proper usage of Data – identification of loopholes like false incident claim by drivers and scope for improvisation and innovation.

“Honestly, most transportation and logistics services need these types of solutions. It’s surprising that others have no idea that a reliable solution like Vamosys does exist. I certainly recommend Vamosys for any logistics and transportation business. The main purpose is to know the exact location, the distance travelled, the idle hours, the deviation from the current route and much more.  I suggest that you give Vamosys a shot!” 

C.R. Balaji, Chief Operations Head, MSS

Team VAMOSYS have been into GPS business since 2014 and have good experience on GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management and GPS Tracker Devices. Writes article on various topics to share the industry experiences and knowledge.