6 Important Features to look in Vehicle Tracking Solutions


The blog discusses the importance of GPS tracking in the transportation and logistics industry, particularly for fleet management. It emphasizes the need to look for important features such as real-time tracking, reducing idle time, analyzing fuel consumption, inspecting driver performance, identifying loopholes through vehicle-wise performance, and quality mileage and expense reports when choosing a vehicle tracking solution.

Why is GPS tracking revolving around transportation business and what is its supporting role in the transport economy? 

Around the globe, the logistics business is responsible for keeping everything in loop inside supply chain management. Drivers are the frontline warriors when it comes to transportation business. Amidst the pandemic situation, they risk everything to deliver your business to the retailers and help to reach every nook and corner without any hindrance. 

During lockdown impositions, when the world becomes halt, the goods run out of supplies in different market sectors, the logistics business sets everything in all types of sectors through road transportations and gives a helping hand to resolve grocery or product scarcity. Logistics and Transportation sets a firm grip across various industries, in particular e-commerce industry. 

Even though there are a lot of obstacles for road transportation across state borders in India due to lockdown restrictions. On the other hand, the logistics industry will continue to grow strong and remain unaffected for any hindrance that occurs. Nonetheless, goods carrying transportations via road has maintained its dominance in the market. With increased booming GPS technology, many truck business operators embraced this technology to upgrade their operations in an advanced way for tracking and to provide flexible route plans. 

In today’s world many telematics based companies offer GPS Vehicle tracking solutions to meet all the needs of the truck owners for their business. Apart from tracking, the GPS tracking application provides unique configuration that suits buyer’s requirements depending on the fleet size and budget.

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Why Does Fleet Business Need Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Before the introduction of telematics advancements, following up with drivers related to delivery details, knowing the vehicle location was a tedious process. Fleet owners found it difficult to communicate with drivers without technology. 

Nowadays, the fleet owners seek more detailed information during the trip, so they need a tracking system to monitor the activities without disturbing drivers during their delivery journey and also for safety operations with cost effectiveness. 

When a buyer decides to get GPS vehicle tracking application, there are few basic things to know how it’s going to be useful

Most importantly, the sellers should give out a demo to explain to buyers how their applications work and give a trial period for them to get to know the functionality that is available in the application. 

1.How many tracking devices are they going to install as per their Vehicle usage? 

2.How the system addresses the operation’s difficulties? 

3.Is the system capable of enhancing their business to upgrade?

4.How does the system get updated for management difficulties?

5.Calculating expected ROI from the system

6 Important things that you need to look when opting a Vehicle Tracking Solutions

1. Real-time Tracking

Not all tracking solutions are the actual real-time providers, they only send periodic updates or hourly updates of their GPS devices. Real-time means updates from your vehicle at the time when you open the App or log into the web-application. It’s important to know every moment and location of your vehicle so that you will get alerted in case of thefts or any route deviation. 

Look for Multitrack feature option as it gives detailed specifications of location details, History reports, overspeed, stoppage points, Tollgate report, Site report, No data report, Travel summary, Primary & Secondary engine report, Employee attendance, Engine ON & OFF indications, RFID and Alarm Reports.

2.Reduce Vehicle Idle Time

No one can know the idle hours of a truck in a traditional fleet operation and it’s a well known thing idling cannot be avoided. But through vehicle tracking technology one can find the number of idling hours and can avoid unwanted idling hours to save fuels.

3.Analyze every detail on how you are spending on Fuel

Are you aware of the issues that may be resolved by integrating GPS Vehicle & Fuel tracking systems in your vehicle?

  • Remotely monitor your vehicle at all times
  • Prevents theft of valuables and vehicles
  • Prevents Fuel Theft
  • Prevents adulteration of biodiesel
  • Fuel Expense and Mileage Reports in Digital Format

You will get access to consolidated Fuel report, Fuel analytics, Fuel raw data, Vehicle-wise raw data, dispenser report, Reports on how much Fuel is spent based on the distance travelled and Fuel notification.

Installing VAMOSYS Real-Time tracking systems gives you access to all of your vehicle’s information at your fingertips.

Here’s a quick video on how to install a VAMOSYS GPS & Fuel Monitoring System for your convenience!

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4.Inspect your Driver Performance

You will get to know how your driver handles the operation and how the fuel is consumed based on his driving skills like over speeding, harsh braking and revving the acceleration often. The more he handles the vehicle in a harsh manner the more it results in damage and the vehicle breakdown with increased maintenance costs. 

You can monitor your driver’s performance daily or monthly with Vehicle tracking software, so that you can assist your drivers with their driving behaviour and change telematics driver policy accordingly.

5.Identify loopholes through Vehicle wise Performance

With tracking solutions you can see the problems associated with your vehicle. You may not have any idea what are the loopholes that increase vehicle downtime and the fleet expenses that cross your budget every time without integrating the tracking software in your fleets. After implementing, you can easily figure out what are the causes and rectify accordingly. From this you can avoid unwanted assumptions on the vehicle performance and its expenditure.

6.Quality Mileage and Expense Reports

A GPS monitoring system should give you the data and reporting you need to make well-informed business choices. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of reporting. Cross a vehicle monitoring system from your list if it doesn’t allow you to automate reporting on a weekly or monthly basis while also allowing you to create reports quickly. The reports should be brief and simple to comprehend. Reports should be provided in a variety of formats, including spreadsheet download, email, and online. Vehicle starts and stops, excessive idle times, speed infractions, and much more should all be included in important reports. 

Start your fleet journey with Vamosys Vehicle Tracking & Fuel Monitoring solutions. The above 6 features are important must-have features to meet your business challenges. It reduces the fleet operation complexity and helps to take important decisions by utilizing reports and analytics.

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