How To Maintain The Resale Value Of Trucks

Most of you consider buying vehicles as one of the investments in your life. Maybe you can think about selling your vehicle in a year, or a month, or whenever you want, but every vehicle will lose its worth year by year.  

A vehicle’s resale value is calculated not only with the vehicle’s specifications and model, but also it is calculated with the brand, market demand, launched year, etc. So, getting the best price while selling needs a huge amount of effort for vehicle maintenance. Here are some tips to increase your resale value by performance.

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1. Avoid Repairing Your Trucks By Yourself

People always prefer to make DIY things to save money; at the same time, we need to think, does DIY works well every time? No! Not every time. These self-repair works may end up with damages. It doesn’t mean you should not touch the vehicle for any repair purpose. For some tasks, you need to approach professional help to maintain your vehicle’s resale value or extend the vehicle’s lifetime. What are the things you can repair yourself?

  1. Changing oil
  2. Changing spark plugs
  3. Changing lights of your truck
  4. Replacing windshields 
  5. Changing windshield wipers
  6. Changing the Brake Pads
  7. Changing the Battery 
  8. Replacing the Air Filter 

The tasks mentioned above can be done by yourself without seeking a professional’s help, but please do proper research or get advice from experts before starting this work.  

2. Avoid Damage To The Wheels

Here wheels don’t mean tires; here, wheels are meant to be alloy wheels. Any damages on tires can be replaced easily but not the wheels. Repairing wheels may cost you more. First, the damaged wheels are repaired, primed, and painted, which you can’t do by yourself. For major damage on the rim should not be fixed, you should replace the wheels. Fixing major problems on wheels results more and more damages. Driving on damaged wheels can occur more damage to your steering, which can reduce the complete resale value of your truck. 

3. Get Your truck Serviced Regularly

Do you get your truck services regularly? No! We always avoid or skip regular vehicle service due to money. But skipping regular service can bring huge damages to your vehicle. Some might forget about maintenance, so FleetOs provide a complete maintenance management system. It helps you remind you about your complete list of vehicle maintenance dates and times when to change the tires, Fitness check, annual maintenance details, etc. Don’t avoid your regular maintenance today; it may bring you a huge bill tomorrow. Avoiding maintenance of your vehicle also brings the vehicle’s value to a lower scale, and you have no option to resale with your expected range.    

4. Keep Records

You may be a good caretaker for your vehicle, but some buyers are curious about proofs and paperwork. We need to accept it is difficult to store all your vehicle’s paperwork. FleetOS helps you store every physical paperwork as digital records where you won’t lose any receipts or paperwork. If you avoid keeping your paperwork tomorrow, it may end up selling your vehicle at a lower rate. 

5. Avoid Modifications

Avoid after-market modifications on any parts of the vehicle like audio systems, unwanted change of vehicle’s seat, turbocharger, etc., which will not gain you any value. You may spend a lot on modifications, but not all buyers will appreciate it. Even though if you plan for aftermarket modification, know the resale value of the market and take any step.

6. Sell at the Best Time

Sell at the best time, an important factor to consider before selling your vehicle. When it comes to vehicle purchase, the difference between new vehicles and resale vehicles is to try to understand the resale market before selling your vehicle. For example, your resale value may go low if the manufacturer stops the production of your vehicle model. 

Especially when it comes to trucks, the buyer preference will change between regions. So, consider both when and where you sell your truck. If not, you may lose your expected resale value. 

7. Drive Safely

Safe driving, an easy way to increase the resale value of your truck. Make your drivers drive safely. Any major accidents or major crashes will reduce your vehicle’s resale value without any doubt. We know it is really a difficult task to maintain and manage your drivers and their driving skills. 

Is there any way to bring your drivers on track? Yes, create a proper driving culture to increase their driving performance safely. Here are tips to create a proper driver training program, which can increase the safety of both drivers and the resale value of trucks.  

Try to follow the above-mentioned steps to increase the resale value of your truck. 

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