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GPS for Election

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GPS for Election



Elections are THE foundation of every democratic governance. Elections empower voters to determine leaders and to hold them accountable for their performance in office, and Election Campaigns play a crucial role in reaching out to the voters. Post and prior to the voting, it’s always a challenge for the Election Commission to secure the EVM’S and VVPTS in order to avoid any wrongdoings from political rivals. Enter VAMOSYS GPS for elections purposes.


VAMOSYS provide a market dominant GPS vehicle tracking device for Election purposes in India, caping all the major towns, cities and rural regions of India. VAMOSYS fleet management solutions offer GPS vehicle trackers for political campaigning automobiles and the vehicles run by the Election Commission that secure the EVM and VVPAT. VAMOSYS powerful web platform and dynamic applications, present feasible solutions to all types of political campaigning vehicles, irrespective of their sizes.


VAMOSYS Fuel Level Sensors and Live Tracking technology, make sure that your election campaign fleet runs efficiently, and reduce expenditures on fuel usage. The VAMOSYS Live Tracking Technology assures that your vehicles are under your watchful constantly, and reduce the chances of any malpractices by your political rivals. Track the vehicles in real-time from anywhere, at any time with VAMOSYS GPS fleet management solutions for election campaigns.

VAMOSYS Specialized at Vehicle Tracking System



AGPS+GPS Tracking

Get pinpointed location by means of periodically or real time.


Data Storage for upto 50000 Pieces

Store large amount of memory on gps data for history review.


Emergency Call (SOS)

Press the SOS button, in case of emergency to trigger an urgent call.


Digital I/O & Multiple analog

Control and monitor external application via outputs/inputs.


Waterproof & IP66 Dustproof

Stable operations ensured in a tough environment.


Instant Status Detection

Instant alert when unexpected car door opening.


Intercom Communication

With speaker and MIC connected, it’s simple to realize intercom or two-way audio.



Instant alert for power off, geo-fence, vibration, overspeed. Customise with multiple alarms.

VAMOSYS GPS tracking device for Election purposes specification



  • Certified GPS tracking device
  • SOS Button
  • Government approved emergency button
  • Dual Network Sim
  • Embedded eSim



Vehicles those recommended to use GPS tracking devices during election campaigns


Compact Vehicles


  • Sedan
  • Hatchback


Heavy Cars/Vans   


  • SUV
  • Pick-up truck
  • Minivan


Super Heavy Vehicles


  • Bus
  • Truck
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Live tracking

View the status and location of your entire fleet live on the map (individual vehicle or group). Instant vehicle-position updating literally has your fleet updated in real-time as they move metre by metre.

Vehicle history

Follow where every vehicle, or other assets that are coherent with our GPS over any specific period. View any amount of detail regarding the recording status, along the way, at any point

Moving report

Get meter by metre movement report of your vehicle(s) instantly. View the reports yourself with ease through the powerful Vamosys web platform and the Vamosys App.

Parking report

Obtain parking report of your vehicle(s) instantly. Keep a track on unnecessary idling and stoppages. Generate the reports yourself with ease through the powerful Vamosys web platform and the Vamosys App

Over speed report

Get over speed reports on demand. Get detailed information, on the duration and distance covered by your vehicle(s). Monitor unwarranted speeding of the vehicle. View the reports with ease through the powerful Vamosys web platform and the Vamosys App.

Trip report

Get detailed trip information. The duration, distance covered and fuel consumption details by your vehicle(s). View the reports yourself with ease through the powerful Vamosys web platform and the Vamosys App.

Closely INTEGRATED hardware and software,

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Our Company Status

Vamosys is GPS tracking software corporation, bragging huge success in a short span of less than 4 years. We master in simplifying fleet management and asset tracking solutions. We thrive and drive on purely satisfying our customer’s needs irrespective of the day and time.

  • All the GPS devices from Vamosys are AIS 140 approved.
  • Powered by IoT (Internet of Things), we offer GPS tracking systems with the latest technology.
  • Dynamic and efficient mobile application and powerful web platform.
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