Ideal solution for heavy machineries used in construction and mining industries

Track your fleet using GPS tracking solution to improve the safety of construction equipments.


Fleet and asset tracking solution for construction equipments

In the construction and mining industries there will lot of heavy machineries and assets are utilised for work process, it is always important to have the visiblity of the assets used and monitor the progress of equipement performance. With FleetOS application, the operators can monitor the equipment location, health and driver behaviour

Key Benefits:

Vehicle Safety

Real-time monitoring of vehicles and equipments with installed camera

With our construction equipment telematics you can improve the vehicle and asset safety by monitoring real-time visually using dash-cam features on our application.

installed camera
monitoring and engine
Asset monitoring

Equipment monitoring and engine usage details on one system

With the advanced monitoring solution, you can have complete visibility of heavy equipment used on construction industry. you have complete control over data to make decisions on equipments utilisation.

Vehicle Maintenance

Increase the construction vehicle uptime

Details report on equipment utilisation, total hours of usage, reports and data to assess the peformance of the construction vehicles and equipments.

construction vehicle uptime
Track anywhere

Track the construction vehicles data from anywhere

No need to worry about your construction equipments and its performance, access all the vital data anywhere with our application to know the happenings of entire construction fleet in single touch.

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