CASE STUDY- Mandela Group firms in Uganda

How VAMOSYS solved the ongoing fuel theft issue affecting more than 400 trucks operated by Mandela Group firms in Uganda?

On an average Mandela firm's entire fleet consumes 3 lakh litres of fuel per trip

In that around 150 -200 heavy duty vehicles travel 

Uganda <-> kenya <-> Uganda

per vehicle
Total Diesel Expense per month

It takes the Mandela group fleet about 40 hours to travel 1400kms with a mileage of 2.4km/litre from Uganda to Kenya

As per the running time of the truck, the average cost should come to around Rs. 1 crore 24 lakhs

However, based on the mileage and distance travelled, they discovered that they are consuming more fuel.

In terms of diesel consumption, what challenges does the company face?

Problem 1:

Rising diesel prices + Higher diesel consumption (715 litres per vehicle for 1400kms)

Fuel theft – The company suspected diesel is being stolen during every trip

Problem 2:

Tracking Vehicle Location Even though they used a basic GPS device, they could not locate the vehicle with any accuracy

The Company Searched for a Digital Solution to monitor their fleets 24/7

To resolve this issue sooner, the company contacted many telematics companies.

However, none of them could provide a solution that would meet their expectations.

Eventually, they contacted VAMOSYS in India through the internet.

VAMOSYS suggested GPS integrated Fuel Monitoring Software

Initially, they installed fuel sensors on 4 vehicles.


Fuel level sensors are used to discover fuel theft alert, remote tank monitoring equipment and to determine fuel consumption monitoring system for vehicles.


They saw a dramatic reduction in diesel consumption from 715 litres to 650 litres per trip.

The company can now save Rs.15-20 lakhs per month.

By using Fuel Monitoring, they were able to stop fuel theft by

Eventually, they started to install fuel sensors to the rest of their vehicles.

Being a fleet owner, How will you benefit from VAMOSYS Fuel Monitoring Solution?

If you are "paying drivers based on mileage," then you are losing 60% of your investment. Do you know why?

Because it causes
And the methods your driver uses to scam you of your money?

Why are Truck Owners Preferring VAMOSYS?

Power of VAMOSYS

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