Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software


GPS tracking and fleet management software can bring significant benefits to fleet owners by reducing costs and improving profitability. GPS tracking devices allow fleet owners to eliminate frequent calls to drivers, optimize routes, improve customer service, reduce fuel costs, improve fleet safety, identify unauthorized use, and reduce paperwork. 

Fleet management software improves dispatching, automates fleet reports, improves fuel efficiency, provides insurance benefits, improves safety, and optimizes maintenance. 

Regardless of the type of business, a fleet management system can help improve the efficiency of the business. VAMOSYS provides FleetOS, a solution for efficient fleet management.

We do not have the time to sit down and slog on a particular job and thus “smart work is better than hard work” is proved. The best examples of smart works are GPS tracking and fleet management software. As a fleet owner can u even imagine a business day without using them? Here we will look into the benefits you get by following the path of smart work.

GPS Tracking and Its Benefits

GPS tracking devices can bring a number of significant benefits to fleet owners. Most of the benefits are related to assisting businesses in reducing costs and improving profitability. 

The benefits of the GPS tracking devices include

1. Fewer Calls to Drivers

It is important to be able to contact drivers about changes in pickups and deliveries, the frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” is highly distracting the driver and is also very inefficient. By seeing all of your vehicles using the GPS tracking devices you can eliminate those calls. 

2. Route Optimization

If GPS trackers are installed in your vehicles you will be having real-time data on the location of every vehicle in your fleet enabling you to send the ideal route for your vehicle to avoid delays due to traffic jams or accidents.

3. Improving Customer Service

You need not give approximate time to your customers any more as you can easily see exactly where the driver is now, and how long will it take him to reach the customers. This makes it very easy for you to inform customers of the delivery or service arrival times with an accuracy of 5 minutes. This transparency you provide to your customer is definitely a selling point.

4. Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are ones that top the chart in expenses when it comes to fleet management but GPS tracking devices can help you cut these costs. It allows you to reduce the idle time by identifying the best route.

5. Improve Safety for Fleet

Another major benefit to tracking devices is improving the overall safety of your entire fleet. When drivers know that their driving habits are being monitored they will not take unnecessary risks that they are likely to regret later.

6. Unauthorized Use

If your vehicle has left your work premises, yard or depot you will receive instant notification by SMS text or email. This will let you identify the vehicle and the person responsible and avoid anything bad from happening.

7. Reduced Paperwork

The vehicle tracking devices sends frequent location logs, key on and key off information and also displays the kilometres travelled each day. This effectively replacing paper-based logbooks. This will thus help you in creating a report in the press of a button.

Fleet maintenance software and its benefits

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles can be a major challenge. There is a need for some form of professional fleet management for any organization that includes vehicles for use within the business. It helps to control the entire cycle of commercial vehicles by reducing associated risk, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Fleet management can be executed within the business, usually by the appointing a fleet manager, or it can also be outsourced to an external fleet solutions provider.

If your business utilizes vehicles but does not have a fleet management system, consider the benefits below to see why your business may benefit from a fleet management system

1. Improved Dispatching

When there’s a better understanding of where the vehicle is located and how much time they will spend in the current job, you can begin assigning new jobs and projects for the drivers. This will directly increase potential profit margins.

2. Automated Fleet Report

Fleet management systems is very efficient in creating reports. It delivers reports hourly, daily or weekly based on your requirements. This will thus help you understand the routine of your fleet and make adjustments based on the analysis.

3. Improved Fuel Efficiency

Fleet management systems allows a fleet manager to analyze behavior of drivers as well as view idle times of each vehicle. Some systems may allow the tracking of receipts used for refueling, which can give an idea about the drivers driving and fueling habits. This will help you minimize fuel conception.

4. Improved Insurance Benefits

Introducing a fleet management system into your daily operations can provide financial bonuses through insurance. The insurance company may be willing to provide discounts or other financial incentives for businesses that utilize a fleet management system as they know that there is an opportunity to improve safety on the roads and reduce accidents.

5. Improved Safety

Every company is concerned about employee safety. But when vehicles are involved, you also have to consider the safety of other people on the road. Fleet management software’s tracking capabilities enable you to protect both. Fleet management systems shows the driver’s driving patterns. If any of them have risky habits, you’ll see this firsthand.

6. Optimized Maintenance

The right fleet management software can help you reduce expenses on both your regular maintenance and unexpected malfunction. This software lets you track vehicle performance because of which you can get a better picture of when they’ll need maintenance. You can use this data to work your schedule around the required repairs.

Regardless of the type of business that you run, if vehicles play a major role in your daily operations, a fleet management system will be of great help in improving the efficiency of the business. From increasing fuel efficiency to reducing accidents, a fleet management system is the key to any company with a fleet.

We at VAMOSYS help you derive maximum efficiency and let you increase your fleet size without many hurdles as we do most of your work. Our FleetOS helps you in seamless trip planning and executions, solution for driver shortages, integrations with 3PL & manufacturers and many more exciting features. In short, we are the artist of fleet management who can help you in building a colourful business

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