Webinar – How FleetOS solves challenging Fleet problems


As a fleet manager, there are numerous tasks that need to be done day-in and day-out from trip planning, vehicle maintenance report, driver allocation and management, on road trip issues handling, trip expenses management and the list goes on for fleet management.

As we have progressed well in the infrastructure, digitisation like fastag for tolls, fuel cards for diesel filling but still the truck fleet management process follows age old techniques or excel sheets for managing the fleets.

To bring a comprehensive solution to address the fleet management, we at VAMOSYS, developed FleetOS (Fleet Operating System), the new age fleet management software to address all the major issues faced by fleet managers.

Our aim behind the FleetOS is “Managing the fleet without making a call”.

As we are developing this new age fleet management software, we want to present this to the next generation fleet managers and owners. As a first step we conducted a Webinar session to present our FleetOS application.

Topics Discussed in the Webinar

In this Webinar session, we have discussed about

  • How to track your truck without GPS using FleetOS 
  • How FleetOS app helps the fleet operator in truck trip cycle – Loading to Unloading 
  • How we are developing a simplified driver app for regular updates to fleet owners 
  • Simplified solutions for your complex logistics problems by FleetOS


About FleetOS Application – Fleet Management Software 

Interested Fleet owners and managers can start using our FleetOS application under the friends plan as free trial. We keep on adding new features both on VAMOSYS FleetOS and VAMOSYS driver app in the upcoming days. 

FleetOS web application Link – fleetos.vamosys.com

FleetOS Mobile android app – Google Play Store Link

FleetOS apple iOS app – Coming Soon

Webinar Host


Mani Raj – Sales Director 

He has over 12 years of experience in telematics and fuel solution business. He handles the sales and customer support process. 


Pallavi – Senior Customer Support 

She has over 7 years of experience in customer support and has good knowledge of GPS software products.

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Vamosys Achieves One More Milestone – Launching in Ethiopia

  • Proud to say, Vamosys joined with one more country, one more milestone
  • The country with mixed and transition economy,
  • The fastest growing economy
  • Africa’s second most populous country with 50% of population under age of 18,
  • Agriculture accounting for 40.5% of GDP with 81% of exports, airline being most profitable and
  • Africa’s largest, THE GREAT ETHIOPIA”
  • Launching with new user interface, customized features as per Ethiopian Government standard
  • Happy to receive warm reception for Partners, Dealers and System Integrators there
  • Looking for great partnership ahead there


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NRC Agro specializes in the supply of a wide variety of products under the broad category of Vegetables, Fruits and Processed Products across India. Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, they forecast business in advance and source appropriate stocks from far off places like Delhi, Kashipur and Jabalpur. The Company’s mission is to be the best in the industry with a growth rate of 20% every year. However, managing a prompt and effective supply chain and handling a huge volume of consumable goods is undoubtedly a complex operation. There exists the obligation of ensuring the extended shelf life of the products. Hence, real time tracking of your cargo location, manpower and the preset environmental conditions is mandatory for a successful transport. Apparently, Vamosys Telematics and IoT Solutions has fostered NRC Agro’s key objective of maintaining extremely high quality standards and timely delivery at the best price to meet their customers’ expectations.

This food supply chain owns a dedicated fleet of numerous vehicles for prompt delivery. The vehicles operate in diverse routes across South India. Each small vehicle covers a distance of 60 to 70 km while the heavy vehicles cover around 400 km every day, continuously running for 8 to 10 hours. Evidently, with the expansion of their customer base and in turn the increase in their operational activities, it was becoming intricate and almost impossible for the fleet managers to

  • Take total control of their entire fleet
  • Monitor huge driving staff
  • Optimize routes
  • Reduce downtime
  • Maintain productivity
  • Squeeze fuel costs

Thus, an efficient vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring system was the need of the hour.

The Solution – Vamosys Advanced Technology Pillars This Food Supply Chain

After a keen online research by the NRC’s R & D Department, Vamosys was envisaged to be the best solution provider for their growing operational challenges. Eventually, when approached, the Vamosys Team of experts quickly understood the client’s prerequisites and proposed to offer a cutting edge solution. Vamosys GPS Vehicle Tracking Software and Supported Hardware enabled not only

Real-time tracking of the fleet, but offered additional facilities like:

SOS call – To reach out for help and get out of emergency situations; simply by clicking on the SOS button.

Remote-cutoff – Enabling the tracking of vehicles in the present time with exact location even in the most remote areas with unstable network through ultra high GSM frequency bands

Fuel monitoring – Through the accurate fuel tracking system indicating the live fuel level, theft alerts and also remote tank monitoring

Geo-fencing – A location-based service in which the GPSVTS software uses GPS or cellular data to trigger an action when a vehicle enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location

Swapping between the vehicles and configuring alerts for over-speeding

Historical data – The entire vehicles’ weekly or monthly activity data from a single dashboard and,

Instant notifications and multiple alerts like Engine, Parking, Unplug, Towed, Sleep Mode and Location On demand through the sophisticated GPSVTS Software via the powerful, user friendly web platform and mobile App.

The Results – Smooth-Running Transport Operations; Augmentation of Productivity and Profitability

According to the customer, Vamosys intelligent GPS Vehicle Tracking System provided end-to-end comprehensive, time centric, flexible and scalable solutions for:

  • Real-time tracking of the location and arrival of their fleet right away
  • Effective and convenient management of 10+ drivers in the field in diverse routes
  • Omission of the task of calling the drivers for knowing the location and status of the vehicles
  • Monitoring of the fuel level accurately, preventing theft and drainage; cutting off excess fuel costs
  • Strict attention in all the phases of their transport; not breaking a single supply chain
  • Minimal risk of compromising with any fragile product.
  • Reduction in downtime through the evaluation of idling reports

Availing these incredible facilities granted by Vamosys resulted in high efficiency, productivity and diminution of a major portion of the operational costs, thereby, increasing profitability. The latest and advanced Vamosys technology facilitated this ambitious food supply channel to improve their quality standards and ultimately fulfill their customers’ expectations!

Highly impressed by the devoted customer support and the Value for Money received from investing in the Vamosys GPS Tracking Solution. I would also refer Vamosys to my counterparts and associates.

Ram Mohan, MD of NRC Agro
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The Challenge – Downtime Management

Mettur Super Services is a service provider based in Mettur, Tamil Nadu, with an expertise in transport, passenger and parcel services. Leading the transport industry across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh for more than 25 years, their aim is to exceed their past achievements and expand their horizons to the newest routes in and around the nearby states and various places in South India. However, the primary function of the business, i.e. the continuous movement of vehicles and cargo demanded a highly efficient system of fleet and downtime management. All credits go to the Vamosys advanced fleet management technology; MSS now can escalate its vehicles’ usage and effectively communicate with drivers; keeping them engaged to ensure faster deliveries. Moreover, their vehicles’ overall well-being was enhanced due to the accurate mileage and health reports and instant notifications of over-speeding, idling and servicing and maintenance alerts. 

This transport and passenger specialist has a fleet of over 40 buses operating to multiple destinations and has served more than 20 million passengers. Their packages and parcel services have handled a transit of more than 400 tons. Prior to the implementation of Vamosys GPS Tracking System, MSS faced difficulties in managing downtime through

  • Complexities in ascertaining, identifying and tracking the exact location of their transport vehicles
  • Proper Route analysis – identification of the right direction to reach the desired destination quickly and safely
  • Measuring vehicle utilization; on-duty and off-duty status
  • Detection of bad driving like over-speeding, high acceleration, hard brakes etc.
  • Frequent vehicle maintenance and repairs due to excessive breakdowns of engines, brakes and tires
  • Keeping historical records of vehicles for current or future references; to resolve issues.
  • Tracking off time and real-time location of drivers and communicating with them

These challenges led to the delay in delivery/service, customers’ dissatisfaction, loss of productivity, and increased costs etc.

Hence, MSS was looking for a unique way to reduce their planned and unplanned vehicle and driver downtime.

The Solution – User-friendly Cellular Connected Telematics System

Certainly, the elucidation which MSS was looking out for, could be none other than an easy to use efficient Telematics solution to meet the tough challenges of downtime management. A system, which could reveal exactly the vehicles’ and drivers’ precise location, expected time of arrival, off and on duty status and also make the journey safer.

Undoubtedly, there could not be a better choice for the client than implementing the Vamosys Advanced Vehicle Monitoring Solution, offering GPS tracking systems with the latest technology; powered by IoT. The reason being the authenticity, reliability and affordability of the Vamosys GPS Fleet Management System; including the GPSVTS Software, the GPS Tracking devices and round the clock customer service.


Vamosys excelled in boosting MSS’s productivity through the provision of:

  • Geofencing, Route Optimization and Route Deviation notifications and Accurate Trip Recording Reports
  • Live Tracking – Instant Vehicle Position Information in Real Time
  • Engine Control – Ignition, Over speeding, Stoppage and Cumulative Idling Reports
  • Predictive Maintenance and Repair Alerts
  • History Log – Vehicle’s Weekly or Monthly Activity Data for appropriate utilization.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring – Detailed Activity Reports, Instant Alerts via SMS/Email/App and effective communication between fleet managers and drivers.

Currently with Vamosys’s cutting edge technology, MSS’s Fleet Managers can manage all their fleet of vehicles and drivers anytime, anywhere, even with the palm of their hand!

Easy and transparent tracking of vehicles and driver status enabled them to keep their fleet moving and the drivers engaged, thereby dispatching the nearest vehicle for delivery of their service or goods. Also, the driver’s activity – reaching out to the correct delivery address or not, drunken driving, sitting idle on duty timings, etc. could be identified and monitored.

The Results – Minimized Unplanned Downtime; Productivity and Efficiency Maximized.

Thus, the right decision made by MSS’s Senior Management in involving Vamosys as their Telematics solution partner resulted in impressive outcomes. The high vehicle and driver engagement rate increased rapidly. In not less than only three months of deploying the incredible Vamosys  GPS Tracking technology, the customer’s primary objective of efficient downtime management was achieved. Vehicle breakdown decreased and the consequences of improper driving performance lessened considerably.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs through preventative vehicle maintenance alerts, health and mileage reports.
  • Huge cut down on fuel costs through diligent monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Creation of customized reports – on demand
  • Dedicated customer service -24/7
  • Unswerving and comprehensive connectivity
  • User Interface – Intuitive and user-friendly Web Platform and Mobile App
  • Proper usage of Data – identification of loopholes like false incident claim by drivers and scope for improvisation and innovation.

“Honestly, most transportation and logistics services need these types of solutions. It’s surprising that others have no idea that a reliable solution like Vamosys does exist. I certainly recommend Vamosys for any logistics and transportation business. The main purpose is to know the exact location, the distance travelled, the idle hours, the deviation from the current route and much more.  I suggest that you give Vamosys a shot!” 

C.R. Balaji, Chief Operations Head, MSS
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Case Study – Sri Maheswari Tours and Travels

Smoother Operation through the installation of Vamosys GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

There was the urge for this well-known travel agency, based in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu in India, to keep an effective and regular check on its fleet of vehicles and drivers. In this modern digital world, tourism behaviour is ever-changing. With the ease of conducting online researches and surveys, tourists have become highly meticulous and demanding while finalizing a tour operator. All they desire is a safe, secure, hassle-free and pleasurable adventure; within the best package. Perhaps, to beat the tough competition, it’s more than impossible for today’s travel agencies to operate without a strong and advanced technological base. Hence, Sri Maheswari Tours and Travels approached Vamosys in their hunt for the most feasible solution to diligently monitor their fleet and manpower and ultimately, reduce costs.

Challenges – Regular security checks and documentations also may not ensure the wellbeing of your vehicles. Figuring out the passengers’ and vehicle’s location on the map is definitely out of question in the absence of an appropriate tracking device. Moreover, a reliable technique to uphold proper control over all the drivers, new or old; is obligatory. Making the desired vehicle instantly available to the tourists is another major challenge.

Solution – After a detailed progress of discussions, presentations, demonstrations and trials with 2 devices, Sri Maheswari Travels confidently decided to employ 15 more Vamosys GPS Tracking Systems in their vehiclesVamosys’s team of highly qualified technology experts, software developers, service engineers and the support team had instantaneously understood their requirements and identified all loopholes in their tour operations. Subsequently, through thorough research, analysis and knowledge of the client’s domain, Vamosys delivered a cutting edge solution to the travel agency within a very short span of time.

VAMOSYS’s advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking device enabled the customer locate the passengers and vehicle location on the map as well as the destination. Unnecessary usage of vehicle by drivers was minimized and secure transportation to passengers was facilitated. The two-way communication process of the user-friendly device made it extremely convenient for operators to organize their human resource.


With the installation of Vamosys’s Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking System, Sri Maheswari Tours and Travels could:

  • Track and Control their vehicle from the fingertips.
  • Access live vehicle tracking 24/7 from anywhere and anytime.
  • Prevent vehicle theft.
  • Get instant notification via SMS, E-Mail and App notifications.
  • Empower their vehicle’s security.  

Thus, Vamosys’s GPS Tracking System and combined team effort proved highly beneficial for Sri Maheswari Tours and Travels. Vamosys successfully won several praises and appreciations from the proprietor, Mr. Saravanan. They wish to further install and apply all relevant types of Vamosys products and solutions in their upgraded infrastructure and also desire to do so in their upcoming ventures.

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Artificial Intelligence and Adaptability

Artificial intelligence and compliance should be the essential element of independent vehicle designs and functionalities.

Evidently, you must have encountered all types of drivers on the spectrum if you are a frequent Ola or Uber user. Some carefully provide a relaxing experience and a leisurely, smooth ride. Others say very little and drive assertively to show their focus on landing us swiftly to our desired destination. Depending on our moods, the climate, traffic levels, and other intervening variables, there are days when we may enjoy the original driving style and others when we prefer the latter heavily. And if a driver’s form does not suit my present preferences; it can make a ride uneasy or even agitating.

Flexiblity On Demand

The ability of a driver to make contextual modifications to the requirements of a passenger is a determinant of the passenger’s experience. Perhaps, it impacts the quality of the journey more than shock absorption, climate control, or other components that we traditionally considered to be essential. So, if autonomous vehicle technicians want a long-lasting implementation of their artificially smart “drivers,” they must provide contextual learning skills.

Engineered Safety VS Perceived

Till date, much of the talks about vehicle automation have concentrated on the engineering problems of bringing passengers from point A to point B securely, which we may possibly call Engineered Safety. However, independent riders will have to go beyond just “maintaining it between the lines”. They’ll require to act in ways that can create perceived safety — feeling secure in the midst of continually changing internal and personal circumstances.

But How Does This Make You Feel Like A Typical Traveler?


  • You can trust the sensory capacities of your vehicle entirely and feel perfectly comfortable.
  • Your logic will override your physical fear, so, no more resulting in white knuckles clutching the seat. 
  • Precise scheduling and follow ups.
  • Autonomous vehicles will redefine road safety.
  • Autonomous logistics can conserve the quality of goods, with precise checks until the time of delivery.

Contextual Comfort

Perceived safety plays an integral part in our experience when driven by an independent or human driver, but this is not the only consideration. Our mood controls the manner we guide and influence our expectations.

Even today, we see mood-based options available in luxury vehicles, with many riders providing either a “sport” or “eco” mode based on their present choice. Imagine that you’re late running for a job. To get to office on time, you may enjoy your autonomous vehicle positioning itself more assertively in the traffic flow and passing slower cars earlier. On the other hand, if on a Sunday afternoon you’re sharing a ride with your family, you might prefer the vehicle to follow the traffic flow.

Logistics And Autonomous Vehicles

It would be sensible to expect your preferences to be met in both of these situations, whether you are riding or ridding yourself. Similarly, to provide a pleasant experience for autonomous vehicles, they need to be extremely adaptable to the passenger feedbacks.

Also considering the delivery of the varied and dynamic requirements of companies; autonomous vehicles will need the capacity to adjust their driving style depending on the payload they carry. When carrying a load of fabrics, they may want to prioritize the velocity over smoothness. But, they will have to do the opposite when selling pets, liquor, or risky products.

Artificial Intelligence, Not Automation

The capacity to engineer an independent chauffeur relies on machine learning capacities, because of the overwhelming amount of nuanced situations that may influence perceived safety and contextual comfort. Not only will autonomous vehicles need to learn the baseline comfort levels of their passengers, but also the most common variations for each person using the car. They will also need the capacity to adjust, depending on the time context on the fly.

Commuters will call for the aptitude to interact with their vehicles since there would be a human chauffeur to guide them in this teaching, which implies interacting vocally with an A.I. Siri-style, or choosing from a menu of alternatives. Moreover, it will suggest remembering and defaulting settings for particular situations or proposing those configurations when the context reappears. For example, the next time you’re late for the job, your vehicle should go back to the assertive driving style.

Drawing The Line

As producers increasingly solve the Safety Engineering problems of vehicle autonomy, it is as well essential that they tackle perceived safety and contextual comfort. These will eventually determine which autonomous vehicles will succeed and fail and how long they will take to achieve widespread acceptance.

Engineers must acknowledge the actual reality as we enter this new era of intelligent mobility; we are unlikely to become logical machines based on driverless vehicle constraints. It is, therefore, vital to make driverless vehicles more human.

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Key take-away from the 2019 Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act

In 2016, MoRTH – Ministry of Road Transport and Highway introduced a bill having some new proposal in terms of road safety with stiffening penalties, was passed in the Lok Sabha in 2017 but failed to pass through in Rajya Sabha, which now has gained the importance of implementation due to higher fatality rate though the total number of accident reported is on a descend.

The following are the amendments made by the central government:

Existing and New Rules with New Penalty

Section / Offence Old Penalty (in ) New Penalty (in )
General (177) ₹100 ₹500
Rules of road regulation violation (new 177A) ₹100 ₹500
No Helmet ₹100 ₹1000+Disqualification for 3 months for licence
Seat Belt (194 B) ₹100 ₹1000
Overloading of two-wheelers (194 C) ₹100 ₹2,000+Disqualification for 3 months for licence
Travelling without a ticket (178) ₹200 ₹500
Over speeding (183) ₹400 ₹1,000 for LMV; ₹2,000 for Medium passenger vehicle
Speeding/ Racing (189) ₹500 ₹5,000
Disobedience of orders of authorities (179) ₹500 ₹2,000
Driving without licence (181) ₹500 ₹5,000
Driving without qualification (182) ₹500 ₹10,000
Driving without insuarance (196) ₹1000 ₹2,000
Unauthorized use of vehicles without licence (180) ₹1000 ₹5,000
Dangerous driving penalty (184) ₹1000 Up to ₹5,000
Drunken driving (185) ₹2000 ₹10,000
Overloading (194) ₹2,000 + ₹1,000 per extra tonne ₹20,000 + ₹2,000 per extra tonne
Vehicle without permit (192A) Up to ₹5,000 Up to ₹10,000
Aggregators (violations of licencing conditions) (193) New ₹25,000 to ₹1,00,000
Overloading of Passengers (194A) New ₹1,000 per extra passenger
Not providing way for emergency vehicles (194E) New ₹10,000
Oversized vehicles (182B) New ₹5,000
Offences by Juveniles (199) New Guardian/ Owner shall be deemed guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 years imprisonment.
Juvenile to be tried under JJ Act.
Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled.
Power of officers to impound documents (206) New Suspension of driving licence under sections 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E
Offences committed by enforcing authorities (210B) New Twice the penalty under the relevant section

This bill also has made the following provisions:

  • Scheme for cashless treatment of the road accident victim during the Golden hour.
  • Protection of the Good Samaritan, the person who provides medical or non-medical assistance to the victim at the time of accident.
  • Provides online Learners’ License with mandatory online identification verification.

Who is a Good Samaritan and privilege exercised by him:

  • A Good Samaritan is who informs police or an emergency service on coming upon an injured person, who shall not be compelled to reveal his personal details.
  • A Good Samaritan will not be liable for any civil or criminal action for any injury or death caused to the victim.
  • If any public official coerce the good Samaritan to reveal his / her personal details, will be liable to disciplinary action taken on them.
  • A Good Samaritan can not to be forced to bear the cost of treatment. No hospital be private or public, cannot demand payment for registration and admissions costs from any bystander who brings the victim to the hospital.
  • If any hospitals refuses to render treatment to a victim; Lack of response from a doctor during an critical situation shall be considered as “Professional Misconduct” and disciplinary action would be taken against such a doctor (as per Indian Medical Council Regulations, 2002).
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How Automation in Fleet Management Leverage Business?

Advancing company functions with digital dashboard and automation provide you with the opportunity to reallocate your resources to concentrate on more significant elements of the leadership role of your fleet. You can concentrate on offering better service if your time spent is less on handling admin duties and more on your clients.

By automating tasks, such as managing expenses, selecting and dispatching drivers for each job, and issuing customer updates, you can change your efforts towards expanding the company. Here’s how:

1. Watch Out Your Fleet With Diligence

A telematics solution makes it easier to track a vehicle’s advancement. The technology for telematics allows remote vehicle tracking, geofencing, fuel monitoring and choices for vibrant routes; all from your desktop or cell phone screen.

2. Minimize Your Scheduling Stress

With digital fleet management technology, payroll has never been simpler. Register the working times of your drivers with digitized fleet management solutions automatically and learn how to better handle this part of your job.

Make your work simpler and safer for your drivers, and increase the efficiency of your drivers

3. Pay Heed To Road Safety

There is no need for your riders to take their eyes off the highway when they receive a signal from you informing them of a change or requesting an update.

Digital driver fleet management is noticeable from the dashboard of the vehicle, like VAMOSYS Telematics’ Driver Terminal, and reads the emails to the driver directly.

This element of fleet management software not only enhances road security but also improves the company efficiency.

4. Hassle-Free Daily Scheduling

Perhaps, it does not have to be a fuel and time management nightmare to complete countless daily orders. To see all your vehicles get to the right address at the right moment, with the smallest possible mileage, you will need a fleet management system that makes your planning fast and easy.

An excellent GPS fleet management system defines the best driver for each job while helping with route planning and the most effective delivery sequence.

5. Upgrading Your fleet Driver Management Is Important

Why not guarantee that your fleet management software monitors driver behaviour while monitoring your vehicles? How your drivers manage your vehicles will influence the consumption of fuel and maintenance cost that the company spends.

Efficiently managing the digital fleet can assist you to acquire important information that can help you to prevent, excessive acceleration, and sudden braking. Use this data to boost your efforts for security coaching and save cash.

6. Stay In Contact With Drivers Regularly

Digital fleet management enables you to coordinate easily with your team, regardless of the size. If you have several vehicles on the road, it is vital to interact with each driver clearly and quickly. Follow this step, in case your plan does not execute exactly as intended and needs to be adjusted at the last minute.

Which is the finest software to use for productivity improvement and cost reduction?

To boost productivity, you don’t have to sacrifice big economic investment, but an efficient fleet management system with an excellent dispatch service that can be integrated with the current ERP systems should be a must.

Automating the trip sheet of drivers enables office employees to concentrate on other significant duties and customer service. The digital dashboard travel sheet will enable the passenger to get to their destinations quicker. More automated company feedbacks mean less time spent with drivers over the phone.

Before deciding on an effective GPS fleet management solution for the company, each fleet manager should ask your prospective provider the following questions:

  • Does the solution give the capacity to readily integrate with the current systems?
  • Is the solution capable of automatically updating workflow measures without calling a driver?
  • Does the solution support the policy of client services, i.e. the capacity to update customers on advancement, possible delays and provide precise data for billing?
  • To what level do driver well-being and driver feedback contribute to the solution?
  • How configurable is the solution and will it suit the future operational requirements of the customer?
  • How can a company pick the right workflow provider for the automation fleet?
  • Do you know the different alternatives offered by fleet management?

As a fleet manager, this is the best way to make the correct choice. The sort of solution you choose should be able to integrate into the current systems of the company and automate

fleet-related workflow procedures. It is also essential that the prospective provider knows your company and can connect the dots and ultimately, recommend the best solution.

Steer Clear Of General Consequences

The impulse is to throw everything into an automation initiative, often creating confusion and opening the door to range creep, always preferring a phased strategy.

Firstly, setting your short-term objectives is recommended. Traffic avoidance, billable hours and automated dispatch are the minute factors that automation, for instance, will add instant importance to.

Moving to the next level of the fleet tracking method is a smoother transition when the fast wins are produced first and the change process is critical. This does not overload the company resources, either drivers or operational resources; with fresh data.

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Galileo Satellite System-Outage

A recent unforeseen issue faced by Europe from 11th July till 18th July was the Galileo’s Outage. The impact it had, could be caused to any GNSS like The US’s GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, etc.

These are all examples of GNSS system errors that had an impact on receivers and the people and systems that rely on them in the past.

  • In 2014, the Russian GLONASS system broadcast inaccurate location data for 10 hours, due to a faulty software update.
  • In 2016, GPS broadcast the wrong time for five hours after an old satellite was taken out of service, causing problems for cellular networks and digital broadcasters.
  •  In 2019, a known issue with the way week numbers are encoded in the GPS signal caused many unpatched receivers to behave erratically or stop working entirely – affecting devices and infrastructure from traffic lights to weather balloons.

Galileo – Outage:

Galileo has been providing positioning and timing services to around 400 million users since December 2016. 2020 is when Galileo will reach full operational capability. with a record precision of 20cm, Galileo will be the most precise satellite navigation system in the world.

Galileo is a civilian system under civilian control, which provides accurate positioning and timing information. Galileo aims to ensure Europe’s independence from other satellite navigation systems and its strategic autonomy in satellite navigation. Europe’s autonomy in this sector will boost the European job market, help the EU step up its role as a security and defence provider, and support emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, drones, automated mobility and the Internet of Things.

The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) said the outage was caused by a “technical incident related to its ground infrastructure”.

Galileo has been in a pilot phase since December 2016 and devices that use its signal should be able to switch to GPS services while it is fixed. Fortunately, Europe had GPS to fall back on. If a similar outage were to take GPS offline, most devices would have no such alternative.

“The incident has led to a temporary interruption of the Galileo initial navigation and timing services,” the GSA said.

The network’s search and rescue function, which helps pinpoint boat crews or hikers in distress, is unaffected.

Galileo has 26 orbital satellites helping to pinpoint and track mobile telephone users and vehicles.

It is due to become fully operational around the globe next year, offering a civilian, European alternative to US and Russian-controlled networks.

Although controlled by a civilian agency, planners hope it will also underpin the strategic independence of future European military systems.

The Galileo’s outage is a warning or the wakeup call for all other GNSS systems that are in use to think about the worst possible scenario that might take place.

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GPS Tracking For SMEs?

In essence, every company has to begin somewhere; even the biggest companies in transport and logistics have had the smallest beginnings. Firstly, when you set up a logistics company, a thought that prevails in your mind will be; GPS vehicle tracking and small business? Perhaps, there are plenty of things to think about. The concern is, are some startup companies too small to track vehicles? Or can your company gain anything from GPS fleet management strategies?

We Have Much Confidence In Our Drivers

One of the most popular scenarios that you may encounter when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking in small companies is that they have established a rather trustworthy bond with their drivers. Generally, this is something that occurs when you operate with a small fleet. Having elevated levels of confidence in your drivers is great, and this is often represented in how well they perform for you and with you. However, trust and monitoring of vehicles are two distinct things, and it should be handled accordingly.

Why You’re Not Too Small To Use GPS Vehicle Tracking

So, what are the advantages of monitoring vehicles for small businesses? You need to understand the actual concept of GPS vehicle tracking and what it will deliver for a company by implementing GPS fleet management solutions. Primarily, GPS fleet management solutions can assist you in minimizing expenses, you can monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicles and, of course, track the routes that have been taken. This enables you to make plans on how to reduce the operating costs of a company. You can now efficiently use your driver’s time in the best possible ways, which can also help you run your company efficiently. Another way GPS vehicle tracking can assist even a fleet is by delivering a higher level of customer service. Your clients will be able to track their deliveries, which provide them a feeling of safety as well as by helping them plan with their time management. Apparently, monitoring vehicles is not about lack of confidence, it’s about ensuring that you can operate a more sustainable and cost-effective company. Your drivers should know that this is your strategy and should work with you for rapid and all round development.

You Are Never Too Small

Startup companies often have worries about expenses and ROI in implementing GPS fleet management. The response is always the same, you can use it even if you have at least one vehicle. This is because even if you don’t use the real-time monitoring aspect, as it accumulates, you will see a stall in profit significantly from the historic information. For instance, to find more effective paths or times of the day, you could analyze delivery routes. When billing your clients, you can guarantee that you correctly account for the travel time. With this type of information available, you will be able to make a much more intelligent decision about extending and hiring other employees. You’ll have a baseline with which you can assess them instead of relying on your instinct. Our mindset is that if we can help our customers grow their companies using our system, it will lead to more business for us as they expand. Time after time again we’ve seen single units that indeed started to grow into larger 8-11 unit fleets with a single trader doing a proof of concept. The structure we provide is fully extensible so we can offer the same service regardless of whether your fleet is a single vehicle or 10,000 vehicles. As the market for GPS tracking has matured, there is a higher emphasis on service rates on the market. If you can now get comparable features from all major providers, the greatest difference is the amount of service and support that goes with each plan.