Is there any alternative to GPS tracking?


The blog discusses an alternative to GPS tracking, which is SIM consent tracking. This method involves tracking commercial vehicles using the driver’s mobile phone with their consent. Fleet owners can purchase SIM tracking credits and track vehicles periodically using an application like FleetOS. 

SIM tracking is cost-effective, on-demand, and does not require any additional hardware. The article also emphasizes the importance of using the technology responsibly and not for personal tracking.

If we say tracking, what immediately strikes your mind is google map live tracking or GPS devices used for commercial tracking.

GPS tracking is basically done for vehicle tracking, goods tracking, that we use in our day to day life for food apps, cab apps to track in real time.

Most of these tracking are done with the aid of either GPS devices or google maps. 

In both cases, companies need to invest for map data or for GPS tracker devices with software. 

Now the question is, can we track only with aid of GPS devices and mobile apps? 

The answer is simple – NO!

There are alternatives to GPS tracking – Have you heard of SIM consent tracking? The basic tracking can be done with SIM with the consent from the user.

Let me explain in detail.

SIM Consent Tracking

There is a tracking option for commercial purposes to track the vehicle with driver mobile phones. If any fleet owner wants to track his truck, he can use the driver mobile, it could be basic or smartphone.

SIM based tracking

For that, first fleet owner needs to purchase the SIM tracking credits from the respective providers ( We at VAMOSYS offer this service of FleetOS app), if he / she willing to track the vehicles, the can track periodically every one hour, two hours, four hours once as they wish to track the vehicle. In SIM consent tracking, you get the location of the driver mobile that can be tracked on the respective application (say for example FleetOS).

In this way, the commercial fleet owners have better alternatives for GPS tracking. 

Now, why should I go for SIM consent tracking?

Listing some of the advantages of SIM consent tracking

1. On demand use: you can avail the service only if it is needed, if not you can opt out. This feature is not available in GPS tracking where you need to pay monthly software rental and purchase GPS devices

2. No hardware required: To track the vehicle, as a fleet owner, you don’t need any specific hardware devices for tracking, simplified tracking with mobile SIM. 

3. Finally, cost effective: the SIM based tracking costs only the average SMS cost that we usually send to others using mobile phones.

How does SIM tracking work?

Components Required for SIM-based tracking solution

SIM-based tracking system need two things

  • A mobile phone with an active SIM card in the driver’s hands.
  • An application (FleetOS) on the management side to track the vehicle.

How does SIM-based tracking solution work with FleetOS?

sim tracking

Step 1: Setup: Need to register yourself in a fleet management application (Say for example FleetOS) and purchase the required SIM credits as per the demand.

Step 2: Request for tracking: Send the consent message to the tracking mobile number for tracking the vehicle.

Step 3: Accept and confirm: The driver needs to accept and confirm the request message by replying to the message Yes or No.

Step 4: periodic tracking: Get the tracking details periodically as you requested for every 1 hour / 2 hour / 4 hours as you set up for tracking.

Our Advice to readers on SIM tracking

The technology advancement is to simplify the process and efforts of human kind and it should be used wisely. As most of us collectively agreed, “Technology is a double edged sword”, here the purpose of SIM consent tracking is to track the commercial fleets with the aid of driver mobile, this is done with consent and with some purpose. 

The same application should not be used for personal tracking to track your friends, family members and other mobile phone users. Such kind of tracking is technically possible and it is morally not acceptable to track the near and dear ones with or without their knowledge or consent.

So, the purpose of SIM consent is one of the best alternatives for GPS tracking the commercial vehicle tracking, let this solve the purpose as it is intent to do it.

If you want to know more about SIM tracking or want to use it for immediate fleet tracking purposes, you can register on our FleetOS app and track the vehicle with driver mobile.

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