GPS vehicle tracking and personal tracking devices
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GPS vehicle tracking and personal tracking devices

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Most of us think GPS devices & GPS tracking systems are only for navigation purposes. However, you can use different GPS-based devices and apps to locate people and personal belongings. Let’s see how to keep track of all that matters to you, from anywhere in real-time.

Yes, there are plenty of GPS devices in the market, but which GPS devices can be used for what purpose? How compatible are those devices for your personal needs? Are there better efficient options? Well, let’s get down and check out how GPS vehicle tracking devices can be used as GPS personal tracking devices or the other way around, if not, are there are any other alternative solutions to the situation.

GPS vehicle tracker for GPS personal tracker?

There are GPS vehicle tracking devices allows you to use your phone or other web platforms to track your vehicle in real-time and get location map data. You can also obtain data such as engine status, speed, route, and address of the car. The waterproof tracker has an inner backup battery and an immobilizer when the vehicle is stolen to cut engine energy. You can set it to notify you as if the car deviates from its path for over-speed.

With compatible wiring in place, these GPS devices can be used as GPS personal tracking devices as well. Using these devices for an individual vehicle can come in handy, although it’s not recommended for using as a personal tracker given its demand for more than normal wiring.

Family in your sight: 24/7

There will be situations when you want to maintain track of your family members or in some situations let them know where you are. The easiest way is to use the GPS tracking technology, is through apps available for your smartphones in combination with the GPS personal tracking features such as personal locator, to locate a person/family member on a map. Keep in mind that accessing these details would require the Apple ID / Google ID and other minor customary information for the selected app to ensure GPS personal tracking.

You can use other free apps if you don’t want to share your Apple / Google ID. KTOT Family Locator is free to download Android app that lets you see where every member of your family is located in the app’s map screen. Customize a private circle on the KTOT app for yourself and other family members, or friends and you can begin your tracking by simply sharing your location. The fact that you can track several people on the same map, makes KTOT a unique application for GPS tracking for personal use. The app even allows you to chat one-on-one or as a group with others in the circle.

For Pets

KTOT offers specialized GPS trackers for your pets. GPS and GPRS are used by the KTOT pet trackers to track your pet and even allow you to create a geofence. These GPS devices are light in weight, thus making them feasible to use as a GPS personal tracker for humans or even as GPS vehicle tracker. For pets, it can be attached to the collar and allows you to see the place of your pet on a map of your smartphone in real-time, from anywhere.

Hover over young and old

You can get a tiny GPS tracking device like KTOT personal tracker to keep an eye on your young ones if you’re not comfortable giving them a smartphone. You can use same KTOT GPS monitoring devices for the elderly as well if they are not comfortable in using a smartphone. These are compact, ready-to-use GPS + GSM trackers, which can be put in a bag or glued onto an accessory which should in constant possession of the person being tracked.

You can monitor the tracker’s location, set up geofences (secure areas) and be notified by SMS whenever the fence is breached. Now, can we use a GPS personal tracking device as an alternative for GPS vehicle tracking device, well the answer is yes, but how feasible is it? Since the personal tracking device offers only the real-time location of the vehicle and nothing much, it doesn’t fulfill the complete purpose of vehicle tracking. GPS vehicle tracking offers more than real-time location details, such as fuel levels, idling reports, stoppage reports, and many other features. So, is it applicable for a GPS personal tracker used as a GPS vehicle tracker? Yes, but it’s not an efficient option given the purpose of GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

Where did I leave my keys?

Most of us were in situations wherein the house we were unable to locate keys, shows, wallets, flash drives, and other objects that of daily needs. You can use a compact Bluetooth tag tracker instead of searching around the house. Usually, these trackers are tiny (as big as a coin) and can easily be jammed to most objects.

Wireless trackers used for GPS vehicle tracking could be the best option for using vehicle-based GPS devices for GPS personal tracking. Two such devices that fall under this category are  KTOT OBD Vehicle Tracker and KTOT Lighter Tracker.

KTOT OBD Vehicle Tracker

The trending revolution in the vehicle tracking industry is wireless GPS vehicle tracking devices. If you can purchase a wireless OBD2 vehicle tracker, then it is more than a possibility to encounter the latest advancements in GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Using the OBD2 port, you can easily plug in the vehicle tracking GPS device to your car or truck and begin a consistent and continuous tracking of your vehicle in real-time.

KTOT Lighter Tracker

Those vehicles manufactured in India after the year 2014, are generally the ones with an OBD2 port, but the lighter port in the vehicle has been since the 2000s. Enter KTOT Lighter Tracker, which offers the same features and performances as an OBD Vehicle Tracker, but the portability is much more comfortable to those vehicles do not have an OBD2 port.

VAMOSYS and KTOT are one of the fastest-growing GPS vehicle tracking and GPS personal tracking devices providers in India. We evaluate the needs of our clients with the utmost care and get back with a solution that brings the best out of the given problem. Get in touch with the support teams today to tackle your GPS tracking troubles.

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