Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dashcam

Dashcam’s usage and need is increasing every day and the debate on the product is also raising along. 

To have a clear picture of the product and it is application, we will discuss and debate on the advantages and disadvantages of the dashcam installation on the vehicle.

Pros and Cons of a Dashcam

Advantages Disadvantages Fleet Dashcam - Pros and Cons Video Telematics Technology


First we will look into the advantages of a dashcam installation on the vehicle. How it brings safety and security to the vehicles.

Enhanced Protection

The dashcam acts as enhanced protection to the vehicle. As dashcam records, all the incidents occurred during the trip both the cabin and road view, if the application supports it will record while parking too. This footage will come in handy in case of accidents as it will act as proof to the police, law authorities, and insurance companies. It is the real eyewitness of the incidents to protect your security and safety.

Additional Security

In certain dashcams, there will be in-built GPS tracking functionality to track the vehicle and record the dashcam footage. In extreme circumstances, if anyone stole the vehicle, the vehicle can be traced using the dashcam GPS to identify the location, in such scenarios it acts as additional security to the vehicle.

Insurance Premium Discounts

The dashcam adds more advantages to the vehicle owner on the insurance premium front. There are certain insurance companies that work on the insurance premium on certain added features included on the vehicle.

The insurance company encourages those who want to prevent unwanted incidents, focus more on safety and precaution. In that case, installing a dashcam is to improve the safety standards of the vehicle and driver. 

So, the fleet owners get the discounted price on the insurance premium from certain insurance companies on installing the dashcam, one small investment lead to multiple savings.


For most of road accidents in India, police depend on CCTV camera footage and eyewitness during the accidents. In most of cases, there will not be any clear picture of the incidents.

Having a dashcam on the vehicle will create its own evidence with the cabin and road view camera installed on the vehicle dashboard.

The footage from the dashcam can be used as evidence before the law to prove the innocence of the driver (If he is really innocent, or else the footage evidence may backfire against the driver and vehicle owner).

Safe Driving Improvement

A dashcam is a powerful tool that helps to improve safe driving for drivers and personal vehicle users.

The footage video can be used for study purposes to review the driver’s driving behaviour and can be used as study material to improve the safe driving experience.


In this segment we will analyse some of the disadvantages of the dashcam installation on the vehicles.

Driving Distraction

The dashcam is a good product that is reliable for safe driving and real-time vehicle monitoring, but at the same time, it could be a material for driving distractions.

Usually, the dashcam will be fixed on the vehicle dashboard or at the windshield, at certain instances while driving the vehicle the dashcam may create blind spots to the drivers.

The dashcam will be in the size of mobile or tablet size and in certain dashcams, it will have a display in-built in it, it will create the distraction with videos streaming in it and at times with some alert notifications.

Invade to Privacy

This is one of the major drawbacks of dashcam installation on vehicles. The dashcam will record all the activities happening inside the vehicle using a cabin view camera, it may invade the privacy of individuals who travel in the vehicle. 

Though the driver may aware that he/she is being recorded, but the installation of the dashcam is affecting is individual privacy in this circumstance.

The next scenario is installing a dashcam on the passenger vehicles, it will record all the details using the cabin view mode. The passenger in the vehicle may not aware of the fact of the installed dashcam and they are being monitored and recorded using the dash camera on the vehicle. It is seriously a breach of privacy under such scenarios.


Dashcams are allowed to installed on the vehicle by the law of land in certain countries and it is banned to install in certain regions. As it violates the privacy policy, it records all in the incidents occured on the vehicle, which is against the law in certain parts of the world.

Price and Quality

Pricing is one of the major concern for any product and technology advancement, but for dashcam the products is evolved over time, the demand is increasing with competitors in the market, so the vehicle owner can choose the dashcam as per the requirement at the competitive price.

Quality of the video recording on the dashcam may poor in certain variant of the dashcam, because of this, there may be propaganda not to use dashcam as it does not provide high quality videos. But in the market there are high quality resolution dashcam with 1080p are available now, that provide HQ video clips.

Any product has it own pros and cons, dashcam is no exception from it. Always we need to weigh the pros and cons and decide based on which is getting more weight, in that case dashcam has more advantages than disadvantages to the logistics and transportation sector in specific (for passenger vehicle, it have one disadvantage of recording passenger, invasion of privacy, again it can be countered with CCTV recording in shop or malls as it records all the happenings through CCTV – similar to that).

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