8 Reasons Why Your Construction Business Must Have a Vehicle Tracking System


A vehicle tracking system is essential for a construction business as it provides location tracking, resolves client disputes with recorded data, supervises driver behavior, prevents theft, enables communication with crews, reduces fuel waste, and enhances employee safety. 

Such a system can provide valuable insights and savings while improving overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

The common misunderstanding among people is that GPS tracking technology is suitable only for the shipping and freightage businesses. This misconception should be changed.

If you are a business with stationery set up, more like a construction company, then you should definitely consider joining the system of vehicle tracking. You should embrace the most cutting-edge technology can gain a valuable edge over your competitors. Any advantage is a good one.

GPS tracking lends itself to numerous key applications on sites of all sizes, on projects of all scales. Below, we have compiled the top five reasons why every construction company should consider investing in GPS technology.

1. Location Tracking for Construction Sector

A fleet tracking system comes with a number of features that move far beyond the general functions it offers. Services like route optimization, past trip data may not be required by you yet it is important that you take up a vehicle tracking system. The fact that you can obtain analytics reports about the duration of equipment usage, employee logs, history of various machinery in use, and more.

There might be days when you will have to ship your equipment from one place to another. In such a situation, you can be assured that your vehicle is not being misused or utilized for personal benefits.

One of the key features of a GPS based vehicle tracking system is that it provides service alerts. With this alert system, you will be notified about the equipment that has been serviced so far, or the once that needs maintenance to be done. A regular trigger system can also be set up that reminds you about the upcoming maintenance services.

Even if your equipment is miles away from you, with the GPS based vehicle tracking system installed in it you can have a close watch over it and make sure it is safe and maintained properly.

2. Resolve Client Disputes with Recorded Data

Not every client is going to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your firm’s work which might lead to the blame game. You might be accused of delayed work which might also lead to a hefty fine. In such a case, it is important that you have tracking systems installed to your equipment which will help you produce evidence of your work and not be held accountable for lack of work or time invested.

On completion of the project the tracking device can be used to show the outline of the entire project journey. By doing so the client will be assured that they are not being taken for granted. This will in turn help you build a loyal customer network and thus leading to positive referrals.

3. Supervise Driver Behavior in the Construction Industry

A single accident can end up costing your business a lot of money. Any vehicles which are owned by your company must be driven with the highest attention to safety, especially if they carry visual branding. Even the best, most attentive drivers are tempted to exceed speed limits. It only takes a second’s distraction for accidents to occur.

Anyone who sees your workers driving your company vehicle in a dangerous manner will know exactly who to report to police, and if they decide to share their experience on social media, they may have a major negative impact on your reputation. Potential clients could choose not to employ your services if they believe you allow your team to put others at risk.

This is why GPS tracking is a perfect add on to your construction vehicles. Just by installing a GPS unit into any van or truck owned by your firm, you can start to encourage a safety-conscious culture.

Your workers will be aware that their activities are being monitored and recorded. If they drive over the speed limit, you’ll know. If they take a route that isn’t necessarily the most sensible for larger vehicles, you’ll know. This can be enough to make them more alert and conscious of their behavior.

4. Stay Theft Proof

Today’s world, nothing is immune to theft and so are your vehicles, or equipment at any given time. The best way to prevent theft happening is by relying on the GPS tracking system. This system not only informs you the current location but also sends out notifications to you if anyone tries to break into the vehicle or machinery.

On the other hand, if your equipment does end up getting stolen, you can try to recover it by immediately looking at the current location. Or if the vehicle tracking system is disabled somehow by the robbers, you can still access the last-stored location, which can play a vital role in recovering your machinery.

5. Get Construction Vehicle Updates from Anywhere

You are in the construction business and you are no stranger to the fact that sometimes you may get assignments that are located in remote areas. In such places, it is difficult to get cellular data signals nor have access to the internet. When cases like this arise, you will find it hard to effectively communicate with your crew on the Jobsite.

6. Reduce Fuel Waste in Construction Vehciles

Machinery operations need adequate fuel, and that fuel is expensive. If your assets are not used effectively or are used for private purposes, you lose fuel and thus revenue.

Most fuel savings statistics relate to over-the-road vehicles, but construction equipment is subject to the same principles. Every 1 mpg you enhance fuel economy for fuel-driven machinery and vehicles provides considerable savings. Even when the vehicle is covering 24,140 kilometers per year, the fuel consumption is reduced by 1 mpg, and you will save INR 7424 per year if fuel costs INR 251 per gallon (3,7 liters)

With GPS fuel monitoring systems you can track the fuel consumption of your construction equipment and vehicles in detail, to analyze the fuel readings and alter wherever necessary to reduce unnecessary fuel costs

7. Keep Your Construction Employees Safe

Not only can you retain productivity with telematics, but you can also enhance your fleet’s safety. the GPS software sends the sends warnings to drivers whose driving might be deemed unsafe and erratic. For instance, you can send them a notification on what they’re doing wrong in real-time, for example, if they’re idling the vehicle for too long or going over the speed limit.

In order to solve all the above, a fleet tracking system can come in handy. Even when the device is under no internet connectivity, you can still obtain periodic updates about the position.

8. Stay Organised in Your Construction Business

A construction business demands to be organized is one of their priority. GPS fleet management software allows you to monitor when vehicles arrive on-site, so there will be no vehicle building on or off-site. This helps within organizing the assets and monitoring vehicle in and out of a building site.

List Construction Equipment support GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Dump Trucks
Wheel Tractor Scraper
Feller Buncher
Pile Boring Machine

Excavators Backhoe Dragline Excavator Bulldozers Graders Wheel Tractor Scraper Trenchers Loaders Tower Cranes Pavers Compactors Telehandlers Feller Bunchers Dump Trucks Pile Boring Machine Pile Driving Machine

We at vamosys provide you with cutting edge solutions for vehicle tracking, fleet monitoring and telematics. We help you to expand your operations and business in the most efficient way. Dedicate yourself towards the growth of your company and leave the rest to us.

Construction companies can henceforth safeguard their assets with a GPS fleet management solution. Join our tracking family now if you haven’t already

Rasika is an engineering graduate and writes articles on topics related to technology, telematics, fleet management. She is interested in sales and marketing to explore opportunities, especially in content marketing.

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