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We are humble, honest, and hardworking people. We believe in competing on a global scale and strive to excel in everything we do. We focus on long term benefits and relations. If we were wrong, we accept our mistakes, correct it, and move forward.

Our Product & Brand Positioning Strategy

Our products are aimed at adding value to the customer by maximizing fleet efficiency. We will never involve any product line in which a customer sees a conflict of interest. For instance “Freights”. We want to be seen as the best technology provider for fleet business. We strive to bring in “holistic completeness” to our products.

Our Product Sales Strategy

“FleetOS” is a pure SaaS product. For this product, we have taken the “direct to consumer” approach. No reseller option. We wish every customer to start with “Friends” plan to explore our product capability completely free of cost and then they should become paying customers when they see the value in it.

“Telematics” product is a solution. It combines Vehicle Tracking System platform (SaaS) and GPS hardware. The success of the solution lies in last-mile support (installation and service). So, for the “Telematics” product we have chosen to reach the customers via resellers (dealers, distributors, partners). This approach is taken to serve the consumers in the best possible way. Actually our profit margin is less when we sell the product via resellers, but customers are gained tremendously because the service offered by local resellers who carry entrepreneurial capabilities cannot be matched.

“Telematics” is a very unique product that requires geographically distributed last-mile support. This can be best achieved by the hub and spoke dealer network.

Our Pricing Strategy

Transparent and Standard pricing. Provide value for every penny a customer spent on us. We want a customer to buy a product purely for the value it’s giving, not for marketing gimmicks.

Our Customer Support

We take customer support very seriously. We just don’t want to see a dissatisfied customer. We employ the best people and tools to excel in customer support. Our policy on customers is


We focus on enriching our employee’s skills & knowledge, long term real wealth creation more than short term monetary benefits. I want the period an employee spent with VAMOSYS should be the best in his career. If an employee goes out and seeks new employment, he/she should be considered immediately for the word “VAMOSYS” in his resume. We take pride in employee growth and we are very grateful for their contribution. Today VAMOSYS is grown to this extent because of outstanding contributions from present and past employees.

In general, our relationship with customers, employees, and investors are not short term and definitely not only in monetary terms. We have an emotional bonding with every one of them. Finally, we want to be highly ethical and honest employers.

Corporate Governance

All our dealings are completely transparent with open & declared policy and principles. We never deal with black money, no products will be sold without an invoice. In our view evading tax is a crime against society. We will strictly adhere to the laws of the land without any compromises.


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