Predict your vehicle health with our advanced technology

Reduce the fleet maintenance costs and improve your vehicle efficiency with CAN system under J1939 protocol.

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Detection of Engine failure in advance

Driver Safety

Immediate alerts in case of improper driving

Engine & Vehicle Health

Monitoring early warning signs to improve Vehicle’s uptime

Fleet Analytics

Recommendations on operational parameters to increase overall vehicle efficiency

Features of Vehicle Health Monitoring System

Signs of Hard Braking

Our technology shows the signs of aggressive driving

Updates on Hard Acceleration

Helps to reduce engine wear and tear problems

Check for Over Speeding

Prevents from accidents and penalties due to harsh driving

Evaluate Engine Idling

Increases Fuel Efficiency for every trip

Estimate Engine Over Revving

Saves your vehicle from permanent mechanical damage

Calculate Brake Instance

Extends brake life by calculating the number of brakes applied for every journey

Generate Trip Distance

Creates trip distance for every journey without odometer or GPS inputs

Hand Brake Drive

Notice the usage of hand brakes to prevent permanent component failure

Analyze Gear Usage

Maintains the life of the vehicle with good efficiency

Monitor Average Speed

Considering the safety of the driver and vehicle average speed is to be maintained

Fuel Level Monitor

Monitor the live fuel level, fuel consumption and mileage reports for effective fuel management

Services We offer

Detection of Air Filter Clog

The clogged-up debris in the Air filter may increase fuel consumption and RPM. Our solution helps to Identify the level of impurities present in the filter before it affects the vehicle performance.

Identifying Fuel Filter and Clog

Most vehicles have an engine start problem because of the absence of consistent fuel pressure and this issue arises due to blockage in the fuel filter. Our service aids to Clear the blockage before it results in Engine Misfire.

Sensing Clutch wear Problems

Our technology helps to notice the problems before the permanent damage of the clutch. We aim to reduce your maintenance expense on clutch replacement.
starter motor degradation

Starter Motor Degradation

Rectifying the problems associated with motors and restoring the functions with our innovative solutions.
oil storage container

Prediction of Oil Life

Our Hi-tech System determines the oil condition and level in your engine within minutes without manual procedure.