Tyre Management System

The ultimate solution to take care of your expensive asset – tyre health to improve vehicle performance and break down
during the trips.

Tire Management

How will Tyre Management System will impact on Logistics Operations

impact on Logistics Operations
What Changes will create by TMS

What Changes will create by TMS

The simple usage of technology will create a greater impact on vehicle tyre productivity and performace.

Secure your wheels Tyre with the best performance!

Tyre management system supports in saving money and keeping your tyre healthy.

Tire Preventive Maintenance

Tyre Preventive Maintenance

Proper tyre maintenance will provide more kilometres and tyre health will be prolonged. To achieve that regular tyre maintenance needs to be done for vehicles and tyres of the respective vehicle. Schedule the tyre maintenance tyre wise and vehicle wise using our FleetOS application to avoid tyre damages in future

Vehicle Mileage Improved

A well-maintained tyre with proper pressure and temperature will have a good impact on the vehicle mileage. If you are considering on fuel economy then upgrade with FleetOS tyre management system to improve tyre performance.

Vehicle Mileage Improved
Tire Inventory Maintenance

Tyre Inventory Maintenance

With FleetOS Tyre Management transporters can digitize the entire tyre inventory. Get all vital details of tyre Kilometers run, brand, vehicle’s used, driver involved in tyre trips, maintenace status, inspection status in FleetOS application.

Tyre Management System is the right choice

With FleetOS application manage all the vital details, alerts and reports of your tyres.

Increase in Fleet Efficiency

Increase in Fleet Efficiency

By avoiding tyre wear & tear and regular maintenance efficiency of the vehicle is improved.
Periodic Alerts

Periodic Alerts

Get regular alerts and reports of your tyre health, maintenance schedules on FleetOS applicaiton
Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Proper tyre maintenance will help in unwanted breakdown during trips because of tyres.
Tyre Data and History

Tyre Data and History

Get the consolidated vehicle tyre details on the FleetOS application with History of usage.

Try our FleetOS Tyre Management System for better performance of your wheel tyres!

How FleetOS ensure the safety of your tyres

FleetOS software application will provide all the vital information and preventive maintenance schedule details of your tyres with precise data from the GPS software application. With this feature, the fleet owners can ensure the safety of the tyres.

Tyre tread depth management is very vital for vehicle tyres. The average tread depth for the vehicle tyre should be in between the range of 8mm to 12mm and it will vary depending on the truckload. If it is below 1.6mm it will damage the tyres and not safe to drive on roads. Such aspects can be avoided by regular tyre maintenance using the FleetOS application.

Tyre running kilometers should be monitored regularly for better tyre health. Most of the fleet operators manage this with logbook or simply approximation (based on experience). To minimise the manual flaws and track the tyre history FleetOS application provides all the details of your tyre with km runs and vehicle the tyre installed earlier on the reports.

Tyre swapping is the common practice followed in the truck industry, usually, the low tread tyres are used on the vehicle front and high tread tyres are used on the rear side to manage the vehicle load. It can be managed easily using our FleetOS tyre management system feature to track the tyre swapping and even vehicle swapping details.

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