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Temperature Monitoring Solutions

VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring Solutions makes the life of cold chain managers an easy one, by providing real-time visibility of temperature sensitive shipments and gives them on end-to-end system for quality control and incident management. Please read more to understand how VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring Solutions can ease the cold chain management of your business.
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Products and goods will often travel thousands of miles via land, sea, and air en route to the end destination, putting enormous pressure on trucking companies, cold storage transporters, and food distributors to log, maintain, and report temperature, humidity, and other relevant environmental conditions throughout the duration of the journey.


Ensuring ideal temperatures in freezers and other food storage coolers helps in preventing food spoilage and keeping the food fresh. From freezers in motion to idle freezers, VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring solution can help you maintain proper temperatures and alert you in real-time if temperatures go outside their optimal range.

VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring solutions offers cutting-edge remote monitoring systems with a new-age counter-punch to quality and compliance challenges in the supply chain, providing unprecedented visibility from hundreds and even thousands of data points at the product and pallet level. Once the data is collected, aggregation and predictive analytic models can produce insights to improve quality control and to maintain compliance.


With VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring solutions, you can:

  • Get Instant notifications on temperature alterations
  • Monitor your storage temperature in Real Time
  • Powerful software platform for dynamic interface
  • Customised dashboard for ease of access


Why wait? Improve your temperature monitoring operations with VAMOSYS Temperature Monitoring solutions.

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