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The logistics and transport operators will have a clear understanding of the benefits of the fuel monitoring system and its impact on fleet performance. But to have a strong business case to share the approximate return on investment to the senior management in the organization to consider the fuel level sensor for vehicles, this ROI tool will help.

In this ROI tool for fuel monitoring solution, the logistics operator need to share the basic inputs about their organisation vehicles details, amount of fuel (diesel / petrol) consumed and other basic telematics information to calculate the ROI for fuel solution.

Also, the details such as saving in fuel expenses, vehicle fuel consumption reduction and other parameters related to vehicle fuel performance are calculated.

Finally, the logistic operator can assess on how mony months they will get the return on investment on Fuel monitoring solution.

Disclaimer: All ROI calculations are based on average data and projections based on customer feedback. The real ROI calculation can be calculated based on the customer input shared to the sales representatives.


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