Logistics Management Software

Our application offers complete fleet visibility to fleet operators and digitizes the driver updates using our language agnostic Driver app

Benefits of Logistics Management Software

With Logistics management software, it has multiple benefits for the logistics fleet operators:

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Features of Logistics Management Software

Regular Updates

With our dedicated application, you can track real-time vehicle movement and get ETA details with our location tracking.

Planning Simplified

Now using our logistics software you can create a just-in-time plan is few seconds and assign a trip to the driver using the driver app.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed data analytics of entire logistics operations vehicle-wise, trip wise and monthly reports for business progress.

Monitoring Key Metrics

Track the location using SIM tracking, fuel consumption & mileage monitoring, vehicle health monitoring, and all other logistics monitoring in one place.

Driver Updates

Driver updates have been simplified with a language-agnostic universal driver app from loading to unloading without much effort.

Document management

Manage the entire logistics operation documents digitized and can be accessed as you with vehicle/trip/monthly on our logistics software.

Why Choose our Logistics Management Software?

Driver Tracking

User-Friendly App

The app is easy to use and user-friendly mobile application to create, access, and manage the logistics process.

Exceptional Experience

It gives a better experience to the logistics management as it gives all the vital information to all the stakeholders.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24 / 7 customer support to all our clients in case if they face any issues.


What is logistics management software?

Logistics management software is a web and mobile application to improve the logistics operations of the delivery business sector. It reduces the manual effort involved in the logistics operations, uses minimal resources, and cost reduction. The logistics management software automates and improves the logistics process from trip creation, driver allocation, location tracking for ETA, documents management, expenses management and overall reduces the logistics operation cost.

How long does it take to implement logistics management software?

It is easy to use, just login create an account, onboard a vehicle, and manage the entire logistics process on logistics software. 

What are the benefits of Logistics Software?

It offers customer satisfaction, delivery tracking simplified, reduces operational costs, managing vehicles with lot more features.

How can I request a demo of your Logistics Management System?

To request a demo, register yourself on our website for a demo request.

Do you offer 24*7 customer support services?

Yes, we have a dedicated customer support team to answer all your queries related to logistics management software.