How to Plan Trips For Your Fleet Vehicles?

Once you have added all your fleet vehicles under your organization with FleetOS software, then you are ready to plan trips.

Planning trips and staying up to date with trip progress is hassle-free with FleetOS software. The software eliminates the issue of handling multiple calls to & fro to the driver.

Our FleetOS system handles 360-degree trip planning (loading & unloading) from assigning drivers, budgeting the trip

It’s time to wither away from the legacy business approach and go digital with FleetOS.

In this article, you will learn how to plan trips for all your fleet vehicles


Consider Mr.X is a fleet business owner of ABTrucks managing a fleet of 10 container trucks from Ludhiana, Punjab.

Mr.X has already signed up with FleetOS and added all his trucks under his organization. Now he wants to start planning trips for those vehicles.

Let’s see and understand how he plans trips for his fleet vehicles

Step 1

After signing in to your FleetOS, select the name of the organization from your drop-down.

Step 2

Click on the Trip Plan tab from the left-hand side menu and choose a grey tile with the Vehicle number that you want to plan a trip.

Step 3

Once you select the vehicle, you will get a pop-up to add trip details such as

  • Plan Name
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking Mode (GPS, SIM Tracking)
  • SIM Tracking Time Duration

If you choose GPS tracking mode, you must have a GPS device installed in your vehicle.

Assign Driver

Plan type

In this section, you need to choose the trip’s objective and provide the current vehicle location from where a driver needs to pick up the vehicle to start the trip.

There are four different plans to select:

For Loading Plan

Enter the truck pickup location, pickup date & time, contact person name, and contact person number.

Consider Mr. X wants to inform Mr.Vinoth (Assigned Driver) to check & pick up the empty truck from Kamala Nehru Market (Near Ludhiana Railway Station) to the goods loading point with the help of Mr. Babu Tilak ( 9003110081). Let's see how the fleet owner, Mr.X, sketches the Loading Plan
  • Select plan LOADING.
  • Click on the + icon to add the new pickup location or if the location is already added, select it from the drop-down.
  • Once you click, you will get a pop-up to add the truck pickup location details.
  • Next, enter Pickup Date and Time
  • Contact Person Name & Number

Once you provide all the required details for the loading plan mentioned above, the next step is to enter the different loading points and unloading points.

By doing so, the assigned driver will have detailed trip information.

Note: Using FleetOS software, you can assign a maximum of five loading points and five unloading points for a single trip.

Consider Mr.X wants the driver to load goods from five different locations after picking up a vehicle from Ludhiana and unload the same to four other locations

Select Add Location tab to provide all five loading location details.

Loading locations: Haryana >> Delhi >> Bhopal>> Bangalore.

Unloading locations: Bhopal >> Mysore >> Vellore >> Chennai

Now that you have successfully added loading points, unloading points, please re-check all the details for final corrections and click SAVE to initiate the Loading Trip Plan.

For Ad Hoc Plan

(Use this section if the vehicle is already loaded with goods that are said to be unloaded at a specific location).

Provide vehicle pickup location, pickup date & time, contact person name, contact number, unloading location, planned unloading time.

Select Ad Hoc tab >> get the pre-loaded truck Pickup Location from the drop-down or add a new location, as shown below.

Click + icon to add new unloading location details. If not, select the unloading location from the drop-down list.

Do re-check all the entered details and click the SAVE tab to initiate the trip.

For vehicle service plan

If you plan to service the truck, here is how to do it

  • Choose Service tab
  • Enter fleet vehicle pickup location, either select from the drop-down or add new by clicking + icon.
  • Enter pickup date & time.
  • Provide contact person name and number
  • Service location and planned service time

Re-check all the details and click SAVE to initiate a vehicle SERVICE trip plan.

For vehicle shed plan

If you want to take the vehicle to your shed, here is how to do it.

  1. Choose Shed tab
  2. Enter fleet vehicle pickup location, either select from the drop-down or add new by clicking + icon.
  3. Enter pickup date & time
  4. Provide contact person name and number
  5. Shed location and planned service time.

Re-check all the details and click SAVE to initiate a vehicle SHED trip plan.

Now, we hope that you have clarity on planning trips for your fleet vehicle efficiently. After every successful trip creation, your assigned driver for the trip will get notified about the details via VAMOSYS DRS DRIVER APP.

Also, your driver can communicate the entire trip progress via the DRS app itself without having to make multiple calls to the driver.

As a fleet owner, you will get notified on the FleetOS mobile app/website

Please do write to us if you need further assistance in the trip creation process


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