How to invite new admins/agent users in FleetOS?

As a fleet owner, you have organisational authority to assign work to other executives to distribute the workload.

Using FleetOS software we help you do the same with ease.

FleetOS has the provision to assign or distribute the work to other executives by inviting agent users to manage the fleet on your behalf.

And also doing so, you can also keep a tab on all the assigned work and their progress.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to get started.

Step 1

Sign in to your FleetOS account and click on the Organization tab left-hand-side. You will find a tab to Invite Users who can manage your fleet on your behalf.

Step 2

Enter a valid email ID of an agent user whom you would like to invite to manage your fleet and mark them either as a member or manager from the drop-down and click on Invite.

Once you invite, the invitee will receive an email notification where he/she
can choose to accept the invite.


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