How to Create/Add a New Organisation?

After a successful sign-up process, every registered fleet owner who manages the business from more than one location has to create or add each sub-organization to access all the features efficiently given in the FleetOS application dashboard.

This feature helps the business owner to distinguish and manage their fleet operations and expenditure of each branch individually.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to get started.


ABTrucks is a fleet business that manages its large fleet business from five different office locations (1 primary + 4 sub-branches) to simplify their fleet operations. Let’s see how they can create each branch as an organisation and manage their fleet digitally with FleetOS.

  1. Organization Name (Along with branch location) – Mandatory
  2. Country of Operations – Mandatory
  3. Telematics Username (If any)
  4. Telematics URL (If any)
Step 1:

Sign up or Sign in to FleetOS.

Step 2:

Click on the Organisation tab given on the left-hand-side column and click on the + icon.


Click on the My Organisation on the top right and click on Create Organisation from the drop-down.

Step 3

In the new pop-up screen, fill the following details to create a new organization

  1. Organization Name (with branch location)
  2. Choose a country from the drop-down
  3. Telematics Username (If any)
  4. Telematics URL (If any)
  5. Type of SIM Tracking
  6. Checklist Submissions
  7. Mileage
  8. Fuel Level
  9. Fragile

Now that you have successfully created an organization, you can add vehicles, plan trips, assign drivers and view trip reports, etc.


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