How to check the trip live status using FleetOS?

In the current offline fleet management model, the fleet owners have the massive problem of manually managing drivers, getting fleet movement & location updates over the calls, maintaining expenditures and recording every bill in excel sheet, vehicle service maintenance, etc.

Our FleetOS software provides the opportunity for fleet owners to manage their business digitally and solve all the issues mentioned above without the hassle of making numerous calls to drivers to track the fleet or recording every vehicle expenditure manually.

In this article, let’s understand how to track the status of the ongoing trip.

Step 1

Sign in to your FleetOS account and choose the organization from the drop-down list on the top right-hand side.

Step 2

Click on the Trip Plans tab from the left-hand side menu list and select the tile of the ongoing trip that you need to track.

Step 3

You will be redirected to a new page where the fleet owner can keep track of the current status of the ongoing trip.

Fleet owners can keep track of vehicle and goods movement from start to end-point with just a few clicks.

  1. Attention section (Every information communicated by the driver via DRS app)
  2. View Plan section (To check the ongoing plan)
  3. Next Plan section (for Creating an upcoming trip)
  4. Handover section (Handing over the fleet vehicle to either a manager or a driver)
  5. Trip Details section (Get the complete trip status report of the ongoing trip)
  6. Expenses section (To keep track of all the expenses of the particular trip

Let’s see each section in detail.

Step 3

Here you get the details of all the communications between the driver and your approval status to each.

  • Fuel fills
  • Spares & Services
  • Loading Charges
  • Unloading Charges
  • Toll Cash
  • Goods Damaged details
  • Parking and other queries
View Plan

Here you will see the plan details of the ongoing trip that you created earlier

Next Plan

Here you can create the upcoming future trip for the same vehicle. This page looks the same as the trip creation page.


In this section, you can provide details of the fleet vehicle handover process where a driver submits the vehicle to a manager or another driver.

Trip Details

In this section, you get to see the details of the ongoing trip from starting point to the ending point of the vehicle. You keep check distances covered, fuel fills, location of the driver, geo-location of the vehicle, condition of the vehicle, etc.

You can keep track of the geo-location of the vehicle via Google Maps.

It reduces the complexity of managing the trip over that call and get every required information within just a few clicks.


All the tasks mentioned above are time-consuming and highly stressful for every fleet business owner. It also causes significant hindrance for scaling their business at scale.

So, by using FleetOS, we help the fleet owners to go digital and provide the hassle-free experience of running their business efficiently. It will help them to focus on scaling the business, not just maintaining a day routine.