How to add or remove a new vehicle under your fleet?

Add A Vehicle To The Fleet:

Once you sign up / sign in as a fleet owner with our FleetOS software, you can add all the vehicles that you manage under your organization.

A fleet owner can add vehicles under his/her organization from either the Trip Plans or Manage Vehicles tab.

Please follow the below-mentioned simple step-by-step procedure to add your vehicles.


Consider Mr.X is a fleet business owner of ABTrucks managing a fleet of 20 container trucks from Ludhiana, Punjab. As Mr.X wants to take his fleet business operation digitally using FleetOS software, he has successfully signed up and registered his organization.

Now, he wants to add his 20 container trucks under his organization to manage trips and their expenses hassle-free. Let’s see and understand how he adds to his fleet vehicles.

Note: Make sure to fill in the mandatory details to complete the process. You can fill in the rest of the information as per your requirement.
Pro Tip: By providing all the requested vehicle information, you can access detailed vehicle reports from FleetOS with just a click of a button. Isn’t it exciting?

Let now add a vehicle.

Step 1

Sign in or Sign up to the FleetOS account.

Step 2

Choose the exact organization under which you want to add your vehicles.

Step 3

You can add your fleet vehicle either from the Trip Plan or Manage Vehicle section given in the left-hand side column.

Adding Vehicle via Trip Plan Section:

Click on Trip Plan > Add Vehicle > Fill in all the requested information in the pop-up screen.

Step 3

Upon clicking the Add Vehicle tab, you will get a pop-up to add the following vehicle information –

  1. Registration number (Mandatory)
  2. Vehicle make
  3. Vehicle model year (e.g. 2010, 2011)
  4. Vehicle type (e.g., BS III, BS-IV, BS V)
  5. Axle type
  6. Vehicle body type
  7. Engine number
  8. Chassis number
  9. Expected Mileage
  10. Speed limit
  11. Tonnage

Provide the mandatory information like Vehicle Registration Number ear-marked with * and also fill in other details as requested in the pop-up screen.

Once you have done that, click the Advanced tab to upload the vehicle documents. If not, you can directly click Save to complete the Vehicle Adding Procedure.

Step 4

If you have clicked Advanced, proceed to upload the following documents.

Documents to upload:

  1. Vehicle permit
  2. Insurance copy
  3. Registration copy
  4. Pollution certificate
  5. Battery SL.No.1
  6. Battery SL.No.2
Step 5

Here you need to provide all the tyre details of the vehicle like Brand Name – Year of purchase & other info.

Once it’s done, click submit.

Now that you have successfully added your vehicle. To check the vehicle status and manage it further for the trip, select the Manage Vehicles tab to view all the vehicle information you have added.

Remove A Vehicle From The fleet:

In case, you want to remove a vehicle from the fleet added in your FleetOS dashboard. Here is how to do it.

Step 1

Select the organisation name from the top-right drop-down list.

Step 2

Based on the Vehicle number, click the edit button. Now, you can see all the vehicle information that you have entered earlier.

Scroll down, you will find a button to remove the vehicle. Click Remove vehicle to take away the vehicle from the fleet.