How to add a new driver under your fleet?

As a fleet owner, your primary role is to plan trips for your fleet vehicles regularly. One of the key aspects of planning a trip is to add and assign a driver for the fleet trip.

This article will explain the easy ways to add a new driver under your fleet using your FleetOS account.

Adding any number of drivers to your fleet is quite an easy task with the FleetOS app. It can be done directly through the Driver List tab or while creating a trip from the Trip Plans tab. I will explain how it can be done from both tabs.

Let’s get started.


Consider Mr.X is a fleet business owner of ABTrucks managing a fleet of 5 container trucks from Ludhiana, Punjab. Let’s see how he adds a new driver, Mr. Suman, to his FleetOS account.

Method 1: Adding via Driver List tab

Step 1

Sign up or Sign in to your FleetOS account.

Step 2

Once you successfully sign in, please select the organization you need to add a driver from the top right My Organisation drop-down list.

Step 3

Now you can straightaway click on the Driver List tab from the menu on the left-hand side and select Add Driver tab.

Note: If you’re an assigned organization, you cannot add a driver to the fleet.
Step 4

Now you can see a pop-up where you need to provide details and click Submit.

  • Driver Name (Mandatory)
  • Valid Mobile Number ( Select the country code and add the number)
  • Driver License Number

Method 2: Adding Driver via Trip Plan tab

Step 1

Go to the Trip Plan tab on the left-hand side menu section and click on Create Plan for the vehicle.

Step 2

In the redirected screen, you can plan the upcoming trip by providing all the requested details and assigning a driver or adding a new driver for the trip, if needed.

Click on the Assign Driver box section >> Add Driver tab >> enter the driver details in the pop-up and click Submit.

I hope you find this guide helpful to upgrade your business with FleetOS.


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